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Please consider changing the user "badge" for paid accounts Answered

I (and others) have made this comment several times, but now I'm posting it as a formal feature-change request. Please consider replacing the "PRO" badge with something more abstract. A little picture of Robot came to mind as one possibility, if gold stars aren't adequate. The "PRO" word itself seems to be pretty divisive, with many of the users who can't or won't pay taking offense. They seem to think that the paid users themselves are to blame for "lording it over" everyone else. This is obviously detrimental to the whole community here.


I agree. Suggestions: AAA (Access All Areas) $$$ (I've paid) + (I've got something extra) L


The plus sign look like the most plausible out of those three. The first one I dont like, and the second still sends out the message that is being criticized....

Well when you're given a choice there's a chance of seeing something you like. I like the plus too. L

How about, get rid of the badge all together? That way, non pros wouldn't know who to blame for "lording it over"

. I agree on all points. I suppose some recognition is in order, but the use of "Pro" is not only devisive, it is misleading - few "pro" users are DIY professionals.

Agreed. Maybe even leave the badge off altogether, and change the font colour, or the background colour.

Font color would be good, not too distracting, but stil noticeable. Background color as in highlighting the username?

I also agree on all points, as well as the idea of having a robot. Another option is to change the nameing to 'Supporting Account' with a 'SUP' Badge very similar to the current one.

I was thinking Aegis Member, but that seems a bit much too LOL

All "Pro" users get the first letter capitalised, non-"pros" get enforced lower-case and number(s) at the end.


I agree..I like my capitalamization.

That would press me to leave.

Can you hear me now? The indicator can show membership period, if subscription is about to expire, strength of character, spellchecker score, or level of punmanship.


It should add more points to the spellchecker thing if you are gramatically correct and spell correct without the help of spell check.

The only thing that would be factual is the membership period remaining.

I was thinking about going pro.... should I hold out in protest? :)

Thanks, Kelsey. Even though I was biding my time before "Going Pro," to see if the Pro badge would be changed in accordance with popuplar demand, it didn't occur to me to make a formal request. But now that you have made it, I hereby formally second your request (or at least add my voice to the clamor for change). I, too, think a little icon of the instructables Robot would be ideal. It wouldn't carry the connotations of superiority that "PRO" does or gold stars would, and it might tend to inspire curiousity that would lead people to the "Sign up to support us" page. It would mean that the "Go Pro" slogan would not longer apply, and we'd have to come up with a new one... Perhaps something like "Got Bot?" :)

The star looks quite nice, but suggests some kind of achievement / prize / status. Better than "Pro" but perhaps still sending an elitist message? L

Come to think of it, it looks like the perfect attendance award, but you must post a topic telling others if you are going away, considering or thinking if you are going away, and while you are away.