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Please help me identify this item!!! Answered

A few of these items were found by 3 different volunteers during a beach cleanup in New Jersey, after Hurricane Sandy rolled through, destroying huge sand dunes and leaving debris everywhere.  They are clear yellowish glass tubes or ampules (ampoules) filled with a white powder.  I searched all over the internet for a match to these with no luck, but I did find an article on a large storm that hit NJ in 1962, in which a woman reported,    “We had sea grass everywhere, and there were glass ampules everywhere that contained a white powder. Our father told my sister and me not to touch them.”  Also found on the cleanup were old glass bottles all over the place from the 1920's-1950's so I'd imagine these could possibly be just as old.  Maybe they came from the sea, maybe unearthed from being under the sand for sometime?
Any ideas on what this could be?

Thanks for looking!



5 years ago

If it is truly glass then it could be a  drug heroine  or powdered bone.

As long as it packs down it could be flame sealed material.


I saw a documentary about a year ago about
there used to be a small island  off the NJ coast
where the gov used to work on nerve gas weapons.

Plum Island

Always the excellent wing man:-)

Turns out they are Calcium Hypochlorite ampoules that were used back in the day to purify water. Thanks for looking everyone!

Oh you found my baby formula! :)

go find a police station they can do a drug id kit on it to see if its any illicit drugs.

+1 suggest strongly you hand them in and let someone else take the risk ! They are sealed for a reason!

I love beach-combing and mysteries like this are so fascinating!

Wish I could help, but I'll be watching to see if anyone else has a definitive answer.