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Please help me! Answered

recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!


How do you know you have all these things on your pc? You need to get a full antivirus suite.

Ah but even having a full suite like norton 360 or the like won't find several of the trojans on the net today, Hijackthis does a great job ID'ing them but it's not a removal tool, and if your antivirus does find it you'll get a warning about some virus like Vundo and it will ask you to restart the system and the problem never gets fixed you just keep getting a warning about Vundo and a request to restart over and over again, then you'll end up going to a web site like symantic and it will tell you to run the antivirus software in safe mode, but you never get rid of it, you need something like MBAM or RSIT to kill it and remove it from your system ((( Both of those would more then likely fix his problems ))) but they run during startup not after windows has started and the trojan has loaded/ copied it self ..... ((( and if you need them just do a quick search on Google or Yahoo or maybe Altavista )))

You want to restore your computer to a previous data point. I know most computers automatically do this, but some (in my opinion, idoitic) people disable these so it will run faster.

I didn't, but somehow my firewall went down!! any software ideas? I really need to get this fixed

First of all, do you have Windows XP or Vista?

Go to start >> Help and support and when that comes up click Undo Changes To your computer with system restore (Its under the Pick A Task).
Click the Restore my computer to an earlier time radio button, and follow the instructions.

You want to restore it to the latest date WITHOUT the viruses. And you will lose any files that you did during that period, so back them up on a flash drive.

THANK YOU SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try it have you done it before?

Nope, but it's common knowledge. Actually, a Windows Computer is MUCH more securer than a mac, just to let you know. Only 13% of computer owners have a mac, so all the hacking, phishing, etc. is aimed at PCs, and not macs. Just though I'd throw that in.

No, the first statement was to the question above, then the second statement i threw in just for good measure.

You said "a Windows Computer is MUCH more securer (sic) than a mac". Then you said "all the hacking phishing, etc. is aimed at PCs, and not macs." The statements are incompatible.

Yes. If a PC and a Mac where lined up side by side, and attacked with viruses of the same extent, A PC would stand up alot longer then a mac. The only reason PCs are bugged more often is simply because there is MORE of them. If you were a hacker, would you try and infect the smaller, 13% of macs or the 87% of PCS?

What are you basing this statement on? I am not sure whether it is true or not, but I doubt it.

By all accounts, it is harder to write a virus/trojan for a mac. As you yourself said, PCs are targeted. It is not simply a matter of quantity. There are no viruses in the wild for macs right now.

By any reasonable measure of "security" (number of security threats-not counting tracking cookies-in the wild, number of systems infected, percentage of systems infected, system down-time) the Mac is more secure-or more correctly less vulnerable at this juncture-than the PC.

Hey his very lastest statement is correct, A PC is more secure then a Mac, however this would only be true if you where running Linux on that PC and not Windoze .... Because honestly windows does have more holes in it then my screen door ....

Idk about linux, but I was using the terms PC and Windows system interchangeably. Kinda sloppy... I know it, I really hate windows. I'm trying to install linux...I tried Red hat's Fedora, and that just wiped windows but couldn't finish installing...I'm going to try Ubuntu later today...

Ubuntu is easy, it should take you like twenty minutes from dropping in the CD to playing on it, and I can get it to run on most computers even the old recycle center ones, you do need a wee bit more memory (384 meg but only for the install ) And I know you where talking about windoze, as I'm sure he was to, but I was just bugging...

Cool. I sure hope it works...I'm tired of having to recover from my DVDs... Gotcha. :)

I read this book about Vista, and how it is actually better than everyone thinks. Kinda like that Mojave experiment thing.

If you don't know what i'm talking about, Google Mojave experiment.

i know what is it but . . . it does not prove that vista is better than any other os it showed the aero desktop and not the everyday problems of a user on vista it is not related to os x anyway (i think vista is better than osx and dont need microsoft to show me) microsoft admitted enough times how bad vista is (just see the rush to make notebooks available with vista only) i use linux with kde 3.5. i say wow on kde 4 and its capabilities (quite like vista but better) but its simply not the correct thing when all you want is to use the computer

Wrong. From MS's website: When you use System Restore, you can revert to a saved state without losing personal data including Word documents, e-mail settings and messages, and your Internet favorites list. System Restore won't lose any data you have stored in the My Documents, My Pictures, or My Music folders either.

Also, while it may work to do a system restore, he needs to first disable system restore (so the virus doesn't back itself up), restore from a known good backup point, then switch it back on.

When it says that, It means ones previously created. Any documents created within the time frame of Saturday to today will be destroyed.

AM is right if they are playing with some annoying Trojan (( Trojans will bridge Microsofts software firewall and most antivirus software like AVG, Norton, ect can't deal with it it might warn you about a Vundo that never gets solved untill you take care of the trojan )) And a Trojan can and will set it's own restore points and the system restore will only make the problem worse because now you have deleted all you settings and the Trojan is still there.... and most will reload when your online (( this is why there is 27 or 26 copies of them and after a restart there will be another one )) When a window or tab opens for no reason don't click the yes button and don't download porn and hope nothing will happen ...

That would work, but it's a lot of work to reinstall every thing and if your backup was infected your back to where you started.. If they know what they have it's normally very easy to fix. the problem and leave the rest of the system intact.. .. But with out seeing the Hijackthis log or hearing more of the symptoms, like the sudden appearance of a security toolbar 7.1 in IE or there is windows opening on there own and they are going to this site, or I try and search virus removal in google and I can't go any where and the pages never load ... the fix for this is freeware program and about 5 minutes time, but with out knowing more where do you start ... And the lack of the firewall may even be a misleading warning, several trojans are able to mimic windows warning and they often even offer solutions, which normally only infect your system even more, but to the unsuspecting they do look legit .....

No. Andy Rathbone says otherwise. All files will remain intact. Now, some programs installed since then may not work right, since they often change settings, but no files will be touched.

like before virus(es) were installed, and then scan again?

thanks Adrian they were installed on saturday as far as I know, and the earliest save point is friday, so when I go and do that it will delete the files/ I won't have ever had them?

It should. *

You'll still have had them, of course-it doesn't warp the very fabric of space-time itself. ;) But it should get rid of them handily.

  • Disclaimer: it's your fault. All of it. I take no responsibility for any damage to your computer.

1. Please no cursing

2. This procedure is not risky, and should not damage your computer in any manner I can think of. But life is uncertain, and life is fraught with risks, and if you mess it up somehow, don't blame me. =]

Let me know how it goes.

Worst case scenario, you may have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS from your backup disks (you do have backup cds or dvds...right?).

Yes, the system should have the firewall reinstalled after the restore and the FULL scan for virus' INCLUDING archive files (if the HD is of any size, this could take longer then 24 hours....I know), so you can eliminate the problem from any restore points too. If all else fails (if he has backups), a wipe and restore is eminent.

ok that would have been good to know "under some strange circumstance" would've made that sound a little better XD

Have you done it to remove viruses?

and also what do you mean by disable system restore? I thought you could just restore at a point where you didn't have the viruses

Opps, sorry, you should disable it beforehand if you're cleaning your system (with anti-virus software) so it doesn't also back up the virus. Just go ahead with the system restore and see how it does. But I recommend anti-virus software.

Firstly you need to find out what is on your computer, download this and follow the instructions included with it to show you what is bothering you and post the list if your not sure whats bothering you computer ...

Download Hijackthis from Trend Micro Version 2.0.2.

Hijackthis? not sure I trust that...