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Please help my YouTube channel!!! Answered

WARNING : This thread could be considered "spam". I am trying to get more attention towards my videos.

I'm back from a short break! Okay, so here's the thing, I've tried everything to try to get more video views. Facebook, spamming subscibers and random people on Youtube. I was hoping you guys could help me! And just so you know, this isn't the only reason I'm coming back

First video of my with my new drumset:


This is my BEST drum solo video (with my old set)

Enter Sandman drum cover with my old Set

Obscure Alliance Drum Cover with my old set.


Yeah, I've been surfing around looking at knex gun videos on Youtube lately, and I had a lot of laughs from all the sucky designs.  

But one thing really bothers me.  Why do they get all the views?  I put more time and effort into my guns than they probably would have, and the results give out better quality guns, but more people view the other videos. 

Even on instructables it is the same.  My first sniper rifle had 4k views when I took it down, more than most of the other guns I have posted which are better than it.  The only exception to that is my OSSR and it was featured at one point. 

I'm not whining about it just because of the views, but I'm whining about the fact that the crappier designs get more views than designs with serious effort put into it (with exceptions of course)

you are very good!  if i was going to learn an insturment it would be the drums

lol it's the easiest. That's why some angry Italian man created this joke:

Q:What do you call a person who hangs around with musicians?
A: A drummer

With reference to This is my BEST drum solo video - if the angle's bad fix it & do it again rather than apologising. You could do with brighter light - but I'm not sure what to suggest at the moment.
The sound is much better than I thought it would be, you don't seem to have any problem playing well.


Haha, that's the thing. I can't fix it. My room is too small. And thankx!

I did think about this for a while, but had no sound ideas. You might think about getting some ultra-bright LEDs and making some lamps (Instructable in that) - with good drumming (sounds), you deserve good lighting.


Cool.  Sounds like you have been playing the drums for a while.  What kind of cymbals do you use?

Thanks! I use Sabian. Surprisingly, my ride is a B8. Or in english, "You suck and so do your cymbals so buy this". B8s are for beginners. I think most experts keep their B8s cuz they are awesome.

Some people can make a metal trash can cover sound good.  It's all in the way you play it.  Hey, can you do a drum cover of  Hawaii-5-0 theme?

Hmm... I have never heard it. I'm listening to it now on Youtube.