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Please help with 1st arduino project Answered

I love this site, and have been totally inspired by many of the projects I see on here, thank you to everyone who takes the time to post their work here.

I'm trying to get into my first arduino project and am just looking for some help getting started.  Like many other people, my wife/kids (never me) tend to leave the garage door open, and I was looking for an inexpensive way to build a monitor, using an arduino board.

Joe's garage monitor seems really great (https://www.instructables.com/id/Garage-Monitor-3001/#step1), but the post is a little old, and some of the parts listed do not look like they are available anymore.

And it may be too much, I can connect this sensor to my home network (since my garage is next to my home's boiler room where all my networking is wired to).

So basically I am thinking of the magentic sensors (http://www.dinodirect.com/Plastic-Door-Magnetic-Sensor-Alarm-Security-System-MC-31.html) on the grage door to indicate open/closed, which are only a few dollars, and then somehow connecting that to an arduino board, and then patch the board to my home network where I can log the status to a database.

any help with suggestions for an inexpensive board to get started, is greatly appreciated, thanks!



7 years ago

thanks again.

What about something like this:


or this:


although the second one looks like I would have to add power to it? But the first one is still half the price. This was really just for a "proof of concept" to see if I could do it, so that's more reasonable.

I figure if I really like it, I would buy more, or re-purpose it to build something else.

thanks again!

....you'd need an ethernet shield, for wired, or one of the wifi shields.


awesome, thanks for the reply! Looking online, it appears to be approx. $45 most places, is that what I'm looking at as a starting price?

There ARE other processor boards you could use, but they really look overkill for a net monitored doorswitch !!

Take a look at the MBED processor - a net interface for that is cheaper than a shield AFAIK.