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Please join K'nex group on Groupie Answered

Alright, so to help start the community back up, I was hoping to find a group of K'nexers on a website/app called Groupie. It's actually pretty cool, but I mean not to advertise. Anyway, it is basically a message board where you pick all of the different forum topics you want to be a part of, or you can make your own. I made a K'nexing one but no one whatsoever has joined it. I want to get people from here to join because: 1. A little activity to jumpstart the group may result in more people actually from Groupie joining. 2. We can have an easier way to chat in between a forum here and a live chat. It's much quicker than posting a topic, but posts will stay up and open for discussion so you don't have to be in the room at the time to discuss.

So if you would, first sign up on Groupie (or download the free app if you have an iOS device) then join the group 200173 which is my group once you're on. And of course feel free to check out other groups and whatnot, you'll probably enjoy it, but again I mean not to advertise the site so much as get people in my group.


I should point out that I'll probably be posting most of my latest things there first and then showing a forum here only when they're complete so anyone that wants a first glimpse into things I'm working on should join. I'm sure other members will be doing the same thing. It's simply less of a hassle to post there.


6 years ago


Cool, I like when topics pass through the filter right away. =P