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Please let me know the basic electronic book to learn about electronics. I am very interested in learning. Answered

 Now a days after looking at the electronics items in the market, I am very interested in learning the electronics but I am zero in electronics.  Since my interest lies in that I am confident that I will learn as soon as possible. Hence suggest me a very good hand book for reading & experimenting.


I agree with this, I started out with that book. its very good


8 years ago

Search esnips.com for 'electronics'.

If not removed, you will be able to find various electronic text in PDF for free download.

While you are at it, get a subscription to one of the world's electronics magazines, such as Nut and Volts. They have just started a series of articles for beginners that would be very helpful. It's available as either a physical magazine or web delivery (PDF). I know that there is a magazine in the UK and one from Australia, but I don't recall the names offhand.


I have been reading:
TAB electronics guide to understanding
Electricity and Electronics, second edition
by G. Randy Stone
I like cuz it covers everything that a hobbyist or engineer would need, all the components,  the math, computers/ software, even test equipment. Also the author inputs a realistic humor into so it's not dry reading. Each chapter stands on it own, if you understand transistors then can skip it without losing continuity. It's good, trust me, I have A.D.D and it keeps my attention, that says alot.  One other thing I like to say is don\t be afraid to experiment, get your friends and family broken stuff before it hits the trash. Take it apart and inspect it, just dont collect so much stuff to get into trouble with piles of stuff.