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Please may someone show me how to make a full head mask Answered

Hey, I'm a part time DJ, yet I want to add a mask to my next performance, it must cost under £20. Similar to Daft Punk or Deadmau5, it must have LED's, light weight, and must be powered by batteries (not mains)


Well... this is a highly creative endeavor that you probably must design and figure out for yourself. The first step is knowing what you want it to look like. Come up with a vague shape and draw a few sketches of it. It'll also help to do overlay your sketches on a portrait of yourself. Decide on shape, colors, size, in advance and then go shopping for materials. You have pictured a mask much like a typical mascot-costume's head. They're usually made of lightweight woods, wire, foam, plastics, paper-mache, fabrics, cardboard, or other common materials. It all depends on the use, design, and what materials the builder has available. To choose, go back to your sketch and look at the parts. For example, with the pictured head, I'd probably get some corrugated cardboard or coroplast (corugated plastic board) for the ears. The mouth appears to be silver or white gauze or flyscreen. The eyes may have been cheap plastic bowls. It's also common to add a fan and a vent in a discrete part of the head, because it will get hot in there. For the fan, drop by a computer shop and buy a cheap case-fan. You can power that with a 9v battery and it has convenient screw-holes for attaching it securely to the costume.. As for LED lighting and decorations, Im sorry... but you need to know what you want and where you want them first. There are plenty of LED instructables here, and many with special effects like blinking or fading which you might want to examine. I suggest you search YouTube for "mascot building" or something similar. It might be enlightening.

ummm am i going crazy but i can see a face in the mouth!!!! wtfmanggg>!

Umm, it might be because someone is wearing the mask..... -______-

I found this site that sells deadmu5 heads cheaper than others and have many options
They have the LED equalizers too which is pretty awesome

The Deadmau5 head pictured above is simply to plastic bowls fiberglass together then covered in red material and the ears are made from  two foam sheets and attached with bolts to the head. For the eyes u could go about the road of using plastic bowls but when im making them I use touch lights which are the same diameter as the deadmau5 head 3" and mesh for the mouth. You say you want to make something like what Daft Punk wear well the red neon suits they use are simply just a product call ELWIRE which can be bought in the uk at £10 for 3m of it and sown to the cloths plus it runs of a 9v battery.