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Please read: An urgent appeal from Instructables member The Ideanator Answered

I’m an I'bler.

Like the thousands of others who write and publish Ibles, I have tons of fun doing so, and I can tell you, I wasn't expecting to get this big.

I am finally adding more Ibles and other things to my profile, to build a resume, and to develop my semi-technical writing skills.

Since I've joined, I've had over 37,100 total views, my goal is to top 40,000 by new years. Instructables, in all its glory has produced some incredible view totals.

It’s a stretch, It would take about 500 views per day overall to get there.

Please help me get to that 40k total, its as easy as peeking through my I'bles.

The Ideanator
Instructables member.

To get you started:


Unless you write an exceptional instructable which gets featured right now, you've got very little chance of achieving this.

Set a target for next year instead, 500,000 views I say!

I'm almost certain I wont hit 40k by the end of the week, and since I'm not in a position to finish anything featureable, let alone publishable, That's out of the question. And while still on the subject, I think I should hold off on publishing stuff until I get home.

Next years goal is 100k, nothing huge.

Run your stuff around the rest of the internet - there are relatively few people who will read this and click all your links. Blogs etc


If it can get Jimmy Wales 13M USD, I should hope it can get me a few more views. :P

Wikipedia gets millions of page-hits already, Jimmy Wales gives some reasons to donate (which don't include things like "Please help me get to that 40 billion total")