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Please tell me what this is Answered

I found these at Goodwill and I'm curious what they are?


My google-fuu led me to... It's an instrument. A wooden percussive one called a "wooden fish". Check it out here.

I wonder why my wooden fish percussions have dancers carved on them and not fish?

I have ones that are carved in the shape of a fish which I picked up from a flea market years ago.

your google is strong! very cool...

Yeah, every now and then Google Images comes through :-D

Would you happen to know how much they are worth?

dyac!!! woodblocks*

looks to me as if they're wookblocks...

I think I know what this one is. I believe it is a percussion instrument used in different religions which is stroked with a percussion mallet against a side of object to produce sound.

Are the drawings hand carved?

This is an interesting legend to read about the Buddhist wooden fish


5 years ago

Is it hollow or open on the side pictured downward? What is it made of? Given the dancers (?) on the sides, I agree with oldmica and would guess a musical instrument. If you hold it in different ways, can you get different sounds?

Ok I added five more pictures.

Give us a few more details: are any of the pieces removable? Do any of them spin? D they make noises?

If you grasp the handle that sticks out from the bottom of the jar, does the jar rotate around the handle? I'd guess noise maker, but without more details, it is going to be hard to guess.

The handle that sticks out is removable and and they are made of wood. The to looks like it would come off but it doesn't and just seems to act as a handle. I am going to upload more pics now.

Very interesting. I'd like to know as well!

i will upload some more pictures of it tonight. It's what in and that handle thing is removable.