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Please use better SUBJECT lines Answered

It would be REALLY NICE if when people posted a question in the forums, they put some useful information in the subject line so that people who might answer the question would have a quick clue as to whether they can help. Here are some particularly bad recent examples:
  • Please tell me if this will work
  • I need some help on a project.
  • I need some help
  • Question?

And to be fair, here are some subject lines that were OK to excellent (I was only interested in half, but at least I could tell from the other subject lines that I wasn't interested!):
  • Help programming a 8 pin eeprom
  • Airsoft
  • Joule Thief Troubles
  • your favorite song?


I COMPLETELY agree. 100%.


The number of K'nex threads I've accidentally looked at... mutter... mumble...

fifthed! i hate those "look here!" and it turns out to be a big hunk of k'nex crap!....

Anyway, Tech-King already fifthed it ........

So, Ledzeppie sixthed it, Its a lion seventhed it, Jessy failed to eighth it, so she ninthed it, and Ledzeppie and Sunbanks both tenthed it ... wow, what an organization, really ........ And I did not count Jtobako, Gmoon and Brenn10 .....


Wow ! This seems to be a powerful
and advanced evil technology !
I want it !


i already fifthed. now you have to go to the back of the line

bump in the night.


10 years ago

Yes, Please. Normally, I don't even read the "I need help!" topics. If if the poster can't be specific, I can't be bothered.

fifthed (is that how its spelled?) its so anoying to read help?! would this work??? etc

I agree. It is sort of annoying clicking a "Help Me" thread to find out that it is how to build a K'NEX trigger.