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Please,can anyone tell me how I get or where I can buy a costume like the "TERMINATRIX" used on Terminator 3 ???? Answered

The costume basically have:
A red leather jacket,red leather trouser,black heels and a blonde wig




8 years ago

Try searching Goodwill and the like for pieces which resemble these, probably in fake leather rather than real? Or get patterns for a ladies' suit, purchase fake-leather material, and sew it yourself?


Best Answer 8 years ago

It looks like you can buy the movie original for $4000-$6000. I'm guessing you don't want to spend that much, so you're probably going to have to piece it together yourself.

Here are some starting points:
The Jacket:  looks like the perfect color.  Possibly add the alligator print with a brown marker.  Needs adjusted around the collar and made to look more like a suitcoat with some reshaping and buttons.  Probably as cheap as anything you'll be able to find.
The Pants:  close to being the right color, but would work better as a matte instead of glossy if you can find it.  Seems to be priced right however.
The Heels:  easiest thing to find, you can probably search around at Payless or somewhere and find something even cheaper.
The Wig:  she wears such a specific style, you'll probably need to get something longer and then cut and style it as needed. 

Total cost for these parts, around $140.  If you make this costume, you need to post an instructable on how you did so, as there is clearly a lack of anyone doing it so far.