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Plexiglass Book: Advice Strongly Encouraged Answered

Hey y'all! Firstly, thank you for being a part of the Q & A community. You rule. Secondly, I'm trying to make a book form out of plexiglass. This won't be a functioning book; it will just resemble an open book. For the spine, I'm using steel. For the body, I'd like it to be a frosted acrylic (I checked in with TAP and they have a .75" that should do). However, the acrylic is pricey at that thickness so I'd like to get as much advice as possible so as not to mess the whole thing up. Here's my question:

1) How do I shape / sculpt the acrylic so that it has that nice bookish bell curve? Like so: http://www.lesscakemorefrosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/OpenBook800.jpg
Suggestions I've received:
-3D printing (I hear there is one at noise bridge but am not certain it's big enough / available for a non-noisebridger to wander in and use)
-Milling (never tried milling before but how hard could it be?)
-Sanding (sounds messy. And scuffy. Maybe hard to control smoothness accurately)

This will be the exterior for an interactive artist's book I'm building. If you're interested in seeing it when it's done, you can add me on twatter! By the way, if anyone has any experience with coding for the Kinect and wants to nerd out sometime, I'm down.


Thanks gang! I ended up just carving out an acrylic block using a skill saw. Fun fun!

i'd second h eating. you make a form out of wood or something similar, then lay the acrylic over it and stick it in an oven...then take it out and let it cool. that's how they make fancy aquariums

.....when i read the description i was hoping that you were going to be making an actual acrylic book...which would be awesome....like, all of the pages could be edge lit with the words engraved in them....and as you turn a page it lights the next one up so you can read it...which would be bad ass

Not sure what would happen frosting wise when heated but you could make a simple mould to form the shape with... Acrylic becomes plastic at fairly low temperatures as I remember...

If you go down that route you could actually vacuum form a hollow body too.