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Ploki? Answered

Noticed that some of the coding testing language was leaking in, whenever a picture is listed in a comment. 

Illustration courtesy of caitlinsdad



Oh, hi, community.

This is a great way to introduce myself as the new guy at Instructables that just added the giant PLOKI all over the place.

Look forward to my upcoming feature additions "OMG the site is broke" and "WTF I can't log in", coming soon!

Sorry about that. Will fix!

I shall refrain from posting one of my satirical rants demanding that the PLOKIs be reinstated, and instead I'll just say thanks for taking care of it.

Looking forward to the WTF login feature.

Well, congratulations on getting yourself noticed!

You need to go kick down Eric's door and remind him to put you on the Staff list.  The only new guy up there now is the salesman ;->

Looks like it's just been fixed.

This is a phenomenon I know as something having been "Roystoned".
Named after a "self-taught computer-expert", he would modify / improve / fix things, but invariably degrade / bug / break something else in the process...


We used to call it the "CSC upgrade" after the vendor who maintained one of our major systems, and who had a tendency to introduce "comic-value-added features" with every single software release, no matter how minor.

As others have already said, in complex systems it is expected that there will be unanticipated downstream impacts from time to time, and they're usually minor (like PLOKIpics), but our vendor had an uncanny knack for impacting areas that should not have been touched by whatever changes they had made, and the impact was very frequently catastrophic. Compared to some of the train wrecks I had to help dig out of in my old job, I consider PLOKIpics to be downright amusing, and the recently discovered IE8 Reply issue only slightly more serious.

It's a classic symptom of a system that's just (or perhaps a bit more) too difficult to understand fully (else no one would be complaining). I'm a fundamentalist who says (in terms of system-development) you roll it out when it works.
But I'm also a realist, who acknowledges that upgrades can add value above the bugs that go with them. As an evolutionary-process we should expect / entertain some glitches, and weigh up the pro's con's etc....


I agree wholeheartedly with "roll it out when it works" - within reason of course.
Unfortunately, in my old job the implementation schedule was decided by the US Congress, usually in advance of (and without any consideration given to) any actual software scoping, specification or development.
When a bunch of stuffy old politicians who know nothing about healthcare or IT are empowered to arbitrarily pass laws affecting IT systems to support healthcare programs, hilarity must ensue.

So I've heard. Oddly enough, EDS was our vendor before CSC took over, and they did a bang-up job. I think it must depend heavily upon the team assigned to the job, so mileage varies wildly.
To be fair, CSC did eventually put together a very effective team that didn't hose things up all the time, but by that time the nickname was in place....

'coding testing language' - I guess I should have added a link to explain it also.

Oh, good. I thought it was another internet meme that I didn't get.