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Plushie: CAD program for Stuffed toys and Inflatables Answered

This is an awesome tool for designing teddy bears, stuffed animals, and big inflatable items with complicated shapes. It's called Plushie, and it looks incredibly easy to use. It's kind of like Sketchup, but for blobs of stuff. You just start drawing in 2D, and it makes smart guesses at the volume that you're trying to create. Once you're done, it generates the pattern for you that you need to cut out. Here's their cool video:

It's a Java-based Windows app. Someone should definitely make something with this!

(I found this via the We Make Money not Art.)


hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has had success using the Plushies program? Particularly if it can be done on Mac and how? Thanks!

Looks like the site moved. http://www.geocities.jp/igarashi_lab/plushie/index-e.html


10 years ago

YES!!! I've been looking for this all my life without knowing it! Let's HOPE I can get it to work on a Mac, if it's Java that should be possible.