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Plushie Instructable Robot - Preview 1.0!! Answered

Here's how far I've gotten with the Robot that I'm making. Patterns are hard, ya'll! You'll see the arm graveyard in the pictures. (Including the one that turned out like a condom - no idea about that one. Very weird.) I went through a lot of different bodies, too, but those aren't nearly as annoying. The last stumbling block is the head - after that it will be smooth sailing! I'm working on that right now. Keep in mind that I'm making these pieces out of felt - it's cheaper for practicing. The actual plushie will be made out of fleece. Yay! And the body will be less angular, too. The shoulders should be more rounded. The ends of the legs and arms will be sewn into the body seams. :D And now... the gallery. Complete with evil kitties that are trying to stall the construction.


How is it going? are you still on the "rough patch" you talked about?

I haven't really had time to work on it in the last couple of days because I've been working lots of overtime. So yeah, still there. Sewing plushies is just so much different than a lot of other things I've been sewing. Quilts, pillows, pincushions, curtains - I can do them all! But a plushie is much more trial and error. :P

sooo... how's this project going?

I hit a rough patch. I need to rework the pattern for the body. Very frustrating. But I want it to be really good!

You seem to be obsessed with your cats. That's just what they want you to do. Love them to death, and not notice that they are planning a takeover of earth. Next thing you know, they will be nurses and farm humans for disease experiments.

That's not what you will be saying when you're infected with every disease in the universe.

I would just like you to know that I watched that Doctor Who episode and those cats were the opposite of cute. :)

This helped me a bit.

By the way, I do have a new Instructable. :P

3d slideshow.bmp

Looks cool!


10 years ago

hmm, felt condoms.... I don't think that they would work very well :P
my cats lay on my computer desk, like they are now

Aww, your cats are really cute!

They thank you for noticing! They don't do all that grooming for nothing! :D

sweet, nice view by the way ;)

Haha, yes... lovely view! Thankfully everyone but me has five sets of blinds and they never look outside. I can do as I please. :P

on the subject of windows, why is there duct tape along the edge of the frame? or is the window a fire escape?

Probably helps keep the cold out :-)

Yep. All of the windows are taped and we still have major drafts. This building is 100+ years old. :P

Yeah, where I live it is a little older than that (the gas stove is out of the middle ages LOL) and the drafts come up from between the floor and walls and everything *sigh*

so its not a fire escape? my house used to have draft problems. then my mom got new windows. problem solved

In my building that is the Landlords job :-)

This is great - it's really interesting to see thoughts in progress.

Can't wait for the real deal - make sure you add scans of the patterns so we can all have a go.

Even though, last time I sewed, I accidentally sewed my shirt to my knee.

Even though, last time I sewed, I accidentally sewed my shirt to my knee.

Ouch, I hope you weren't using a sewing machine LOL

I know somebody who put their hand through an industrial sewing machine, and the needles snapped off in the bone... >gags<

*shiver* that had to hurt. I have, thankfully, never had the experience, but looking at a sewing machine needle, it is easy enough to see how it could be done (if the presser foot was raised, especially).

I will, and I'm also going to make another instructable about hand sewing so that the guys here can make one themselves. I have a feeling most of them won't own sewing machines. :P

We have a very ancient one at home. The wife doesn't sew much, I have to do my own buttons, pockets, etc. She does an occasional hem.

do tell. dare i assume kitewife does the sewing now?

I was replacing a button, working on my knee, and sewed the shirt to my trousers. I'm not usually ~~sew~~ so bad. It's not perfect, but it works. She does, however, sew all the badges on the three scouting uniforms in the house.

there was an episode of the tv show reba like that. shes fixing a tare in her daughters dress before a wedding, and sows the dress to her knee.

owwy my only bad expierence is in elementary school where they give you dull plastic needles and really tough felt... can you guess what happens next?

you stabbed yourself?? or the needle flew from you hand and, as if aimed by a malevolent spirit, struck your teacher in the face? (happened to me with a paper air plane)

I love how happy your patterns are! "bottom!" "legs!" ":D" (double underline) "body!"

I was just so excited when things actually worked out, haha.

Things appear to be going well. Remember, he has a flat back!

Yeah... it would be really hard to achieve that. ;) He's just going to be nicely curved all over!

A portion of a "card" (blank index card or stiffer ?) could help square it up some, maybe?

In the picture where one arm looks like a condom, one (to the lower left) also looks suspiciously like a large suppository LOL Your cats seem to enjoy them however. :-) They just wanted to be involved.

The cats have mauled the suppository one, hahaha. I stuffed it for them and sewed up the ends so they could play with it. :P

Oh I bet they had fun with that while it lasted :-)

going to have little gray buttons for knobs or gray felt/fleece?

I couldn't find any nice buttons. Therefore, it will be felt and embroidery at first. :)

Yay! Awesome work! I might do this too, like post a preview. :-) Maybe today, hopefully. :-)

That would be fancy! I just figured I should post something up so that you guys knew I was actually doing it. :P