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Pocket-Sized closes for entries Sunday night! Answered

In less than two days, the Pocket-Sized Speed Contest will be closing for entries. After that there's a few days of voting and then we see who won! This has been one of the most popular and interesting contests we've had so far. I've been loving the entries and look forward to see what comes in at the last minute. I couldn't even resist entering in something of my own with my eraser flash drive. I can't win anything, but I just wanted to take part. Good luck!


Woah! Sunday was yesterday...

time flies when you're having fun. Or Kermit's perspective: Times are fun when you're having flies. :-)

But what if you dont have flies so times arent fun so time doesnt fly? :P

my head hurts..... but what if a swarm aof flies attacks you so your not having fun bust supposedlly times ar fun when you have flies, but the flies are making time not fun.

Times are fun when you are having flies applies only to frogs (they eat flies) ;-)

but what if i was a frog in the situation in i stated above??

The more flies for the frog the more food and fun ;-)

If you're having trouble with your flies, you should switch to buttons - they're safer.

I'm getting all giddy and excited now...

So...... Is my computer screwy or did the deadline get extended to April third? I think there might be a bug in the contest system...

I was wondering the same thing... So the contest ended yesterday, and voting goes until April 3rd, right?

There is a bug, but that's not exactly it. Since people can only vote while it's open for entries, I pushed the entry date back, but it's locked for new entries. We're still breaking in the new contest system and will have some changes up soon.

Ohh, okay!

Sigh... you got my hopes up. My schedule just got a lot lighter (in terms of the amount of work my teachers are assigning) and I just thought of a killer entry!

It'll be posted, regardless =)

I hope I win. It would be a first. But still, I hope you all do well. :)

I am not doing well, so in all honesty, I do hope you win, even if it is only the random pick. Mine was a bit commonplace...

I'm praying, mainly because for four nights in a row I've had to open all my beers with a lighter, after 123 bottles the Bic started leaking... I actually need the prize lol

hey, dont get down, there is still the random one up for grabs. but it will MINE!

Looks more like about 1603 views so far LOL maybe indicates the year FTW ?

Now mine, I don't have more than about 6-9 views *sigh* but that is ok, it was not as innovative as it could have been :-)

I think my pocket sewing kit needed a flame thrower to burn off the loose threads to be something to sit up and take notice of :-)

besides, I refuse to beg for anyone to even just view mine, maybe I needed some scantily clad bovines to liven it up some ?

would a wicker wash tube have drawn any attention to it ?

It was a cross between a Presidential slogan and an instructables ad campaign. For Example: Obama '08, or Hillary '08, or McCain '08.


10 years ago

Fungus forgot to mention instructions regarding how to vote for your favorite Instructable, so you can just use this link:

Vote Here!

Entries close at midnight PST. Due to a quirk in our current system, the contest will look open for a few more days, but that's just to keep the voting open. It's a bug we plan to fix soon.

Message to Fungus Amungus: Why haven't my Instructables that I posted 32 hours ago for contests still not shown as contest entries?

can we still edit the instructable after the 30th?

Oh good, I hadn't thought of asking, could have been bad, got more changes to mine to make...

Evryone else is voting so I suggest anyone who hasn't [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-accidental-pocket-jet-engine.../ Votes]

Oh and you could even vote for [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-accidental-pocket-jet-engine.../ this] great instructable, which was inspired by [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-accidental-pocket-jet-engine.../ this] great instructab;e, then again even robot would be proud of [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-accidental-pocket-jet-engine.../ this great instructable]


10 years ago

Go Win!