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Pointe Shoes Answered

  Does anyone out there have pointe shoes? Getting pointe shoes? Have any advice or stories to tell? If so, you are in the right place.
P.S. I just got my pointe shoes this year. I love them though they hurt so bad!



6 years ago

A good way to check whether you have the correct width fitting is to check the alignment of the shoe on your foot when on pointe. To do this, stand with one foot flat on the floor and one foot in full pointe. Place a little pressure on the foot on pointe and look at the back of the shoe. If the shoe leans to one side then you need to try a different width fitting. A well fitted pointe shoe will always remain in perfect alignment with the back of your foot. Ballet Shoes, Dance Gear Direct.


7 years ago

1: never but russian pointe i had to get them for my first pair they are horrible
2: trim toe nails regullarly
3: make sure ur ribbons are secure it sucks to have them bust in the middle of class
4: blocks european balence are my favorite they have jell already built in
5:i tripped on my own ribbons once, dont do that.

Doctor What

8 years ago

Nope!  But when I took Irish step-dancing classes, I was required to wear some interesting shoes, outfits, and accessories (many of which I liked...).

I know this is completely unrelated whatsoever.  Just thought dancing+dancing shoes = some sort of connection.

I often dressed up as a Jester..... 

My name was Jester Jack.  And I was fairly proficient at using Devil Sticks. 

Rock Soldiercupcake811

Reply 8 years ago

Devil stick
Apparently, they'll are almost literally a stick. I guess you juggle or spin them. I don't know really.