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Pokemon Lavender town. UPDATED Answered

Lavender town is probably the most creepy place in Pokémon games. In 1996 Red and Blue, suicide in children supposidly spiked. So (spupidly) I decided to listen to the Lavender town music with headphones on. I now have a splitting headache and feel ill. I do not belive in most of the ''creepy pasta's'' on the internet but the headache thing is real. Listen to the music at your own risk. The images belong to me.


I heard about this legend some months ago. I looked it up on creepypasta wiki, but it sounded very untrue (as some guys here said). The music indeed is pretty annoying, but I didn't get an headache, maybe 'cause I had one earphone in, not two.
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I can tell you that LTS (lavender town syndrome) is fake, so fortunately no suicides. If they were real it would have made the news, and nothing is to be found on the subject. Also the creator of the song (don't remember his name) supposedly killed himself in the aokigahara forest also no data on that, or confirmation he ever worked for Gamefreak or Nintendo.

If you pay close attention to the supposed suicide stories you'll notice that there are a lot of holes in the story: For example there are a few 'names' given of children who committed suicide however the names are a mixture of Chinese and Japanese charcters (WTF?)

However being an migraine patient Listening to this with or without headphones gives me a splitting headache... I remember when I played pokemon red I always turned the sound off when going there. Now even though i'm 18 years old the music still gives me a massive headache. One thing I noticed besides my headache when listening to it with headphones on: When you stop listening to it Your head feels kinda 'foggy' like it has been filled with something unknown (sounds strange but it is true.)

I would advise you not to get too obsessed with the whole weird thing and just enjoy the game.

wow that is out of tune...

I can't listen to discord too long...it makes me anxious inside. Give me Mozart any day over noise ;-)

Hmm, I can tie a slipknot, yes.....can you tie a sheepshank? ;-)

Wrist band, ankle band, one that aides (band aide) ? *chuckle*

OMG!! I love this song it doesn't give me a head-ace it's soo..how do i put this....


Pretty creepy huh. I'm now addictid to all things Pokemon and creepy pastas and urban legends, all that stuff. You should look into that Lavender town stuff, (buried alive). I even downloaded Pokemon red and played it for 6 hours until I reached Lavender town. I almost P'd myself!

I know right. I have never enjoyed Pokemon stuff, but that song was the most annoying song I have ever heard. How did you download Pokemon Red?