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Polaroid Portable dvd player does not play dvd's!? Answered

And when i open it i see an exploded capacitor on the inside. should i replace this capacitor? Also since it has video in i could use it as a tv or something,so i was thinking,could i turn the screen backwards so that the screen is visible when you close it,so its flat? mine is a Polaroid PDM-0711 Here is a picture of the type of dvd player that i have


have u found an answer

I have nothing yet, but I am about to open mine up and see if I can at least make it into a monitor, so I will let you know!

you cant make it into a monitor,you will need a custom lcd controller unless if you plan on using it to input rca in or s-video(very similar,compatible signals) but vga in ,no it wont work like that does yours still play dvd's? does it work? does it have any exploded capacitors on the inside like mine? i have had mine for several years,i took it with me to vacation many times and dropped it a few times too(two times) but just until i took it out of the corner collecting dust,just now it's not playing dvd's ,the laser diode is not dirty because i just cleaned it and it doesn't work!

C'mon people,help me with this situation