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Pololu NCP1402 Boost Regulator??? Answered

How exactly do I hook this up?  Where does ground go?  Where does the Vin and Vout go?  This is the circuit but we're replacing the 7805 w/ the boost regulator.  Thank you!!

   The pic of the circuit isn't showing up - the circuit goes:

Coil /w magnet connected to diode bridge to capacitor to 7805 connected to the cell phone charger.  We're replacing the 7805 with the NCP1402 - do you know where it goes?  Thank you!


Its labelled on the board on the back, but if you can't read it, look for the little black box near the connector holes. It has a grey stripe on it, the pin NEAREST the grey stripe is the output. The middle hole is the ground and the other is the input - its a drop in replacement for a 7805.