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Polyacene Batteries Answered

Here's some wierd batteries that seem like really dense capacitors. Does anyone know how to cahrge them? Do you just touch both ends to a battery?



www.free-energy-info.com/ chapter 5 (i think) has a modified joule thief with a 600uf 2.7v batt/cap and i am wondering if this Polyacene rechargeable battery /capacitor 0.7 Farad x3 i found on ebay is the same kind of device.

also, how much power is required to recharge a battery. i want to make a joule thief generator that can put out enough power to drive an electric bike cross country without EVER needing to be recharged. Why not an EV, well, i'm unemployed.

Do you just touch both ends to a battery?

It would be best to current limit the charging with a suitable resistor. Be aware that their output is rated in microAh rather than mAh.


Pat. Pending

so this is not like a capcitor, it is just a small rechargable chemical battery?

It is an electrochemical capacitor with properties slightly similar to that of a batttery. Pat. Pending

Sounds more like a battery than a capacitor to me, actually, although I agree that the line between an electrochemical cap and a battery can get a bit fuzzy.

Couldn't find much info on polyacene battery technology online, and I'm too lazy to dig through the patents. I did find this article in the Journal of Power Sources, which seems to indicate that is indeed a battery (assuming this refers to the same tech):


From this part of the description: Has rating of .6 Farad and an internal resistance under 20 ohms. they seem to be "like" caps. I haven't been able to find anything on charging them however

well, they say that they charged it, no chargers on the market, has it's value in farads, so I'm going to assume it charges like a capacitor, i'm going to buy 5 soon.