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Polyurethane Belt Splicing Suggestions ? Answered

I'm looking into making my own round poly urethane pulley belts.
Durabelt  sells splicing kits, sometimes called welding kits.
I can hack together the tooling if necessary but I need a price reasonable source on the urethane round stock.
Has anyone seen an an ible on the subject ?
Or personal experience ?
And a round multi dia poly supplier source ?
I do a great deal of rock tumbling and the belts are the main fail...


Oh you cannot miss Dura Belt is an amazing and extensive site and a relatively pricey one...

Stuff I've used is mated with a metal plug that is pushed into the hollow core of the belt I used. Never failed !

Very interesting and hard to visualize... These belts run 24/7 for weeks to months...


Shows a decent picture of what I mean. They seemed to be very rugged, and the load is taken on more surface area than the typical flat butt.

Your post just appeared even though you commented 4 days ago bizarre....

Thank you for pointing to that hollow core and metal plug..

"Never failed !" resonates with me but which style ?


1 year ago

So what do you do with all the rocks you polish?

And, have you ever tried tumbleing broken glass with sand? They call it beach glass because the it mimics what people sometimes find on the beaches, left over pieces of glass that have been worn smooth from the action of the waves.

Here is a geode I tumbled

Some semi polished stones can make jewelry or end up in a rock pile for kids to find

sync jul 20131113 824.jpgwwArt.jpegRocks 1711.jpgRocks 1198.jpg

Is that colored light passing through vanes of quarts in the rock.

Yes, that geode is clear agate filled looks like pic_1


Now most people cut a geode to display the inside agate beauty pic_1...

I like to partially tumble away the ordinary rock to lite the solid or hollow inside pics_2 and pic_3...

03 Agate.jpgBlue.jpgpict-dump-7-16-15 367.jpg

That looks very nice. We don't get many geodes where I live, most of the rocks are glacial deposits. I have found gem grade opals and other ores while fishing.

I have seen some Youtube videos on this topic. In the first minute of the video linked below, the narrator says he got his belt material from McMaster-Carr, and he shows us a bag with the words, "1/8 inch orange round belting", on it.

And that phrase, "round belting", those are the words you want to feed to McMaster-Carr's search box,


for to try to find this stuff in their site-catalog, which is vast. Trying to search for it with other words, like "polyurethane" or "tubing", leads to other things that are something completely different.

By the way, I have not tried this myself. I am just pointing you towards I found on this topic by searching for it just now.

+1 "round belting" polyurethane took me to eBay and reasonable belt round which I I made some test buys to arrive free shipping..

I am glad you found a better price than McMaster-Carr. They have a wide selection of stuff, but kind of high prices on a lot of that stuff too.

I only tried that stuff once without tools designed for it.
So I blame the failre on this bit ;)
Problem was that the "welded" was never as strong as the rest.
I later settled for two pieces of teflon rod with a set screw in one to hold the material in place.
So unlike the clamp system in your pic I only used a wooden block to hold the teflon rods, a few clamps did the rest.
The good thing about the tube design was that I could heat up the joint, push the stock in to weld it and at the same time push the entire area into one of the teflon rods.
This resulted in a very clean joint area as all excess was "cut off" on the teflon - requires a properly sized hole though.
The few meters I needed I got from my local bearing wholesales, they have everything from hydraulic oil over screws and tools to specialised fittings.
Was not cheap though...

Did you ever consider a direct drive system for your tumbler?
My old one was made from a section of an old argon bottle and mounted to a 12V motor with a 3 stage planetary gearbox.
110kg turning torque was enough for my needs.
Was mounted on old printer rollers - the rubberised ones and two rubber wheels at the back.
The entire thing in a frame that allowed to adjust the angle similar to a concrete mixer.
If you clean and grease the gearbox every 500 or so hours and replace the $15 motor if burned out they last a lifetime with a 10kg load in the tube....

Direct drive and planetary gears or a gear motor is the way to go. I have a friend that built a frame for 8 double stages and a chain drive Envy... But I have a Mixture of belt units see the pics and now decided to repair rather then buy another platypus when one quits.

As usual click the pic to view the whole image...


Don't get me wrong but with that many tumblers I would use some old mountain bikes....
Get them for free from the local scrap or hard rubbish collection.
You get a chain (usually even with a lock) and a bunch of sprockets.
Can't be too hard to find some matching sized and then to replace the belts with chains.
If in doubt you can even use the tensioner and whole sprocket set to change the speed.

I thought you were talking about ONE tumbler and not a whole family of them ;)

No nothing wrong... Actually it is the way to go but I'm finishing a Plasma cutter, that electronic pocket dock you asked to be ibled, a new wet polish grinder refurbish and several other electronic devices... I just don't need take up another major effort, ergo as a belt or motor failed, the quickest solution was to buy another kind of tumbler from a Gem Society member...

BTW my town Reno is the gateway for late August Burning Man which disgorges 10,000 ratty bikes a week after the festival burns the man down...

As usual click pic to see whole image....