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Ponoko - personal manufacturing platform Answered

I was lucky enough to have David and Derek from Ponoko over to my house for Thanksgiving (all the way from New Zealand!). Ponoko is a personal manufacturing business, and is something I've been dreaming about for years. You can design a product, have it custom built using precision machines, like laser cutters, and if lots of people like it, they can buy it too.

If you don't have access to a laser cutter, this is one of the best ways to see what you can do and try one out. For inspiration, you can check out How to make a laser cut lamp, which I encouraged them to post. It not only shows a cool lamp, but goes through the design process and using Ponoko's service.

So, check out their service and tell us what you think. The Ponoko guys are here on Instructables, and would love to hear your feedback.



10 years ago

That sounds like endless possibilities! Now as soon as they start offering a vacuforming service, they will be able to satisfy my current project needs.

hmmm.... that arctic ice does look pretty smexy, but I dunno about the $30's, it's a fair price, but I can't afford it. I'll probably be suing Ponoko to make my gf a super sweet, proffesional looking gift.

I'm not sure if Ponoko will like it if you sue them....

Quoted from guyfrom7up:

I'll probably be suing Ponoko to make my gf a super sweet, proffesional looking gift.

He meant using, just a typo.

Lol, sorry - I'm a bit slow today :)

Your slow ? I didn't even see that at all LOL

Ponoko looks pretty sweet! Although I have to agree with the other guys - their prices are kind of steep (for us kids, anyway). If I need anything really big (or important) done I'll definitely know where to go, though; it's probably worth the money to have it manufactured by super-machines.

This seems great! The cost is a tad on the higher side, but the cost is the cost, its fair. What about shipping -- you mentioned New Zealand, thats a bit far ;-) Whats the average shipping cost to the US?


10 years ago

Seems excellent. Great idea!

This is a great idea. (Puts on thinking cap).

Pricing for this lamp mentioned above works out like this.
Hardboard - Standard
Cutting cost: $6.08
Material cost: $7.14
Acrylic - Arctic Ice
Cutting cost: $14.24
Material cost: $17.83

seems pretty sweet! Is ther an estimate or an example of what something would cost? If it's cheap enough it's going to be the best thing ever!