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Ponoko 10-Day Design Challenge -- Puzzles Answered

Ponoko is running another 10-day design challenge with $5000 worth of prizes. The theme is puzzles.

Ponoko 10-Day Design Challenge -- Puzzles

We want to make it easy for you to do cool stuff. And with the fantastic response we got from our first Design Challenge we've decided to run another one showcasing Puzzles. So this is another chance to show off your design skills, get your creations made and delivered to your door for free. Oh, and win $1,000 in cash plus several thousand dollars in other prizes.

Design brief

Puzzles can educate and entertain. They can be a solitary exercise or a group activity and when you have memorized how it goes together, you can pass it on to friends or family.

Your challenge is to create intriguing and entertaining puzzles on a laser cutter -- within 10 days!

Laser cutting brings a new angle to puzzles. The ability to create incredibly intricate detail means puzzles can be as simple or as complex as you like. The traditional jigsaw shape can now be designed with much greater variety and intricacy.

Laser surface treatments can be a graphic in nature or a texture. How these are used is essential in the design of your puzzle. Every mark or line on the material becomes a clue on how to put the puzzle together.

Puzzles need not be 2D. You could make a 3D puzzle using layers or shapes connected in an interesting way. Think about how multiple pieces can be combined to create an interesting design.

Attention to detail, material combinations, connections, production feasibility and quality will be key to making your design stand out.

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10 years ago

So - did anyone enter?

This challenge is now open for entries!

Cool! I'm going to have to try!

Hmm... it really seems like a 25-day challenge, since it doesn't begin until the 1st...