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Pool Table playing fied Answered

I'm about to build a pool table (billiard table) and I wonder what material I should use for the ''field'' where you play. I wondered about plywood or something similiar. On all quality tutorials they want some stone or something (I don't really know)
So what's the best and cheapest solution?


might want to check this link out http://daddu.net/15-cool-pool-tables-you-will-love/ it's got some fun ideas . i like the one filled with water

Lol, Ithought about the round one but I don't think I could handle that. So I think I'll do the last one, number 15 =)


8 years ago

Have you considered concrete, similar to a concrete countertop? It won't bend, warp, or react to humidity, and if you build it properly, it shouldn't crack. It'll also give the table enough weight to avoid moving when someone leans on it to make that tricky shot. There are a few really good 'ibles on concrete counters - check them out!

Yes, that's the stone I was talking about :P i found some cheap door so I thought I would use them for the field. And the table will be pretty big so it shouldn't move, bend or anything like that. The legs and everything will be out of solid wood so it shouldn't be a problem.

i agree with the MDF suggestion. to make sure that it doesn't warp i'd laminate (i.e. glue together) 2 sheets of half inch MDF, or maybe laminate one sheet of half inch MDF over a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood? then brace the hell out of it underneath. the main thing that you're wanting to avoid is warpage or sagging

I think you want something dense, completely flat, hard, and will not warp or bow(curve). Ruling out a sheet of slate or some composite plastic countertop material, unless you get high quality plywood, the next best would probably be a piece of MDF particleboard. MDF is made from fine sawdust and glues molded into a nice solid mass and is cut with regular woodworking tools. Good luck.