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Pool cooler.... List of parts and instructions. Answered

I really like the concept of the pool cooler cooling tower and am interested in building one of my own.... I tend to need "recipes" with unfamiliar projects and I didn't find any real instructions or material list with this post. Have any of you built this project?? If so any hints on what supplies I will need ect......?



7 years ago


simple answer, get a lot of small computer fans, or one big fan which the air output is divided, and make a tower of cloth or filter, for the air to be blown across, where the water will drizzle through, which over time will very much cool your pool.

wind blowing over the wet dripping towels (or whatever you use) will cool down the towel, which will col down the water. with each new bit of water going .

sorry about the crude drawing

also theres another one which involves having a giant sponge tube.

water pours down through the tube, and air gets blown up the tube, catching vapour and dramatically cooling the water. the air essentially carries the heat away!

detonator diagram.png

You'll probably get better answers faster if you post this as a response to that Instructable rather than here -- that'll give you better odds of reaching both the author and others who might have tried building one.

(In my climate, cooling a pool is not usually the problem.)

I don't know what you are referring to, check your browser's history and post a link if you can.