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Pop Rivet reamaining Stem removal on its head Answered

How do i remove the remaining stem on this pop rivet? please help guys. highly appreciated. thanks so much



Very thankful for the help guys!!! really thanks so much, cutting it using a diagonal cutting plier works..though it took some time, because the stem was too thick( the rivet is a 3/16) but its totally worth it!!! thanks so much again!

yes..will try to do these inputs..highly so much appreciated. when i used the hand riveter..this just popped off easily and the stem didn't came off completely..trouble is i don't have some replacement, and here in our country this rubber foot is not available, i have to order abroad, so i cant destroy this..


4 years ago

Or, if it's really jammed (like mine was) take it all apart. Not hard. Just remember the orientation of the handle so you don't end up fussing with it for hours trying to reassemble it backwards....the voice of dimwitted experience.

Use a set of needle nose pliers. Wiggle the stem back and forth till it breaks off. It is designed to snap off at the head of the rivet.


4 years ago

If you're talking about the nub that remains inside the rivet after the stem snaps off, use the piece of stem to drive the nub out. From the finished side, put them stem piece in the hole and use a hammer to drive the nub out the back side.

I would try using a pair of diagonal/ wire cutters