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Popping corn with cellphones? Answered

does this actually work? do cellphones emit microwaves?


Its a fake, done by some headset company to try to make you think that cell phones near your head is bad. Move along!

A few things: there are cell phones with microwave technology, BUT the power output is not high enough to pop corn. How do I know? The reason corn pops in a microwave is because microwaves specifically have the greatest effect on "water" molecules. The Brain, and the skin have a high concentration of water, so if they could pop corn, it could boil your brain, or at very least, you skin. I have never heard of anyone "burning themselves" with a phone. And a notation: There is a sound of a pop, one kernel is then gone, a second for the second one (the first one is "nearest the cam, but furtherest from any phone), and the camera moves "away from the corn" and never returns to show if it was the corn on the table, or if it was sound and popped corn added from somewhere else.

Now your sure about that cell phone boiling the whole brain issue ?? I ask you to Just watch those teens texting on there cell phones while driving. Are you sure it either, A. Hasn't already boiled there brain ?? or B. There brain is so small it would only take a few mW 's to boil it ?? or C. They lack a brain all together so there is no risk of damage there ?? or D. All of the above ??

Well, at the wattage of a cell phone, at the frequency it uses, I doubt if it boiling the brain every time is it used. That would be what it would need to do to pop corn...have a concentrated area of radiation focused on it.

I think that that video was fixed somehow, be it video editing, or sticking an actual micromave under the table. However, recalling the way that the concept of a microwave oven got started (with a chocolate bar melted by leaving it right next to a military rader emitter, if I remember correctly), I would not be suprised if taping a bag of Orville Redenbachers to a high-power cell phone tower's emitter would pop it. I'd try it, but I don't want to get that close to one.

But no, I don't buy it that cell phones alone popped that.

No way there is not even close to enough RF power to do that, my 4 watt bag phone won't even do that, maybe a IR filter on a camera and a high power IR laser but not a cell phone...


10 years ago

I can't see the video from work, but common sense alone tells me this is ...


Corn pops because microwaves heat up the water inside the kernel to boiling temperature. If cellphones emitted enough microwaves to do that, they would also fry your skin - don't you think you would notice that?

That have been arguments as to whether the fairly low-power radio emissions from the cellphones could have any deleterious effect over the long term. But it's a huge leap from there to popping corn with a cell phone.

. There are four cell phones surrounding a few kernels of popcorn. When all four phones ring, the popcorn pops. . I'm with you. If it would work, you'd fry the side of your face.

Stop ruining my science fiction fantasy! If I says it works, it must work...

It's not a fake, it's voodoo magic, nothing to do with radio waves...

that's some pretty good editing. Only asians could have so many cellphones at once ;)

oh, they just threw some popcorn up from the edge of the table near the camera so it look like it...

Eh, looks a little fake to me.