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Popular 2 pin power connector for PCBs? Answered

I have made a prototype PCB board which requires connection to a 9V battery or a wall-wart. The board is very small and doesn't have much extra space.

I'm currently using a female header(as used in arduino) with 2 pins broken off into which I'm plugging in the wires from battery. In the final board, I want to be using some connector which is widely available, and PCB friendly. The one which I have most commonly seen being used is the wall-wart female power jack which is way too big for my requirement. Any popular option which is only slightly bigger than a snipped female header?



Thank you! That will fit well I think.

I found this kind of connector on a site I was browsing. Do you know what these are called. They seem even smaller than JST-PH but not sure if the're just as easily available:

Go for something polarised, not that can be mounted two ways

I do have a diode for reverse polarity protection on my PCB. Adding a polarized connector will surely make it fool-proof. But I don't have enough space to put it in my current design. It's just a 4cmx1.5cm sized PCB. I'll need to push a few components a bit in next version to fit something like a JST polarized connector. Thanks for your suggestion.

You read my mind. I started making PCB recently, so haven't tried my hand at surface mounted components. But that is perfect for my project.

Sorry for the late reply. I use instructables from my mobile and it wouldn't let me reply yesterday and site is blocked at work.

reply is wonky again or you stickied the post.

Those seem like some kind of molex header connector, not really sure of the name. The difference if you use those, they have no locking tab in the receptacle socket and depend on friction fit so they would might loosen up.

Wow! Thanks a lot. You provided everything I was looking for.
I did sticky your first post. Didn't know there was some problem due to that.
I'll try to use the JST connector. If I can't fit them, the molex ones will fit without any modification to my PCB.
Really grateful for your help. Was going mad trying to find these connectors. :)