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Popular Instructable, not in recent or availble via search Answered

I posted an Instrucable yesterday and views have exploded, reaching 2,270 and rapidy going up. I received an email about two hours ago telling me my Instructable is "popular". However, it is neither listed under recent Instructables, nor does it come up with a search. The only way it is available is via URL.

I posted it to a couple of subreddits, views from Reddit total 272. Somehow people on the Instructables app are viewing it, with a total of 373 views. But this only adds up to about 700 views. Are the rest from random Google searches? If so, survival must be a much larger concern that I would have thought.

If somebody could explain this for me, that would be great. I'm pretty confused, haha.

*Confused* Darman12


As of writing this, I see your project in the recent feed (between "Super easy Risotto Recipe!" and "Poppy Lampshade"). When searching, yours  is the first project - my search results are here.

If you're not seeing the same thing you should try clearing your browser's cache, and refresh the page.

Very weird. I saw those two Instructables last night, and today and didn't see mine. I guess it finally popped up! I also see it when I search for it.

Sorry to bother you guys with this. It just seemed so strange to me that I had so many views, with no trace of it other than URL.

Most projects get most of their views via search engines (which is why a clear title, proper key words and a good introduction ard important).

Of course, it would be easier if you gave us a link to the project you are talking about...

I have tried different Google searches but it does not come up.

Some people don't give up on the first page of Google, but it actually looks like most of your views are direct, from folk just looking at it when they saw it pop up in the lists, closely followed by reddit (a website I don't use, and I can't find your thread there). (I wonder, what time of day did you post your project? That could be significant.)

Not every view comes up on the little stats button, and especially not every redirect source.

Though, the reddit post I did comes up. Maybe that is it. But again, the views from reddit are only a portion of the total views.

Sorry, I meant to provide a URL, forgot.


By the time I finish this post, the views are at 2,337.

When I got on at about 7:40 am (a little over an hour after the email) it had 1900 views.