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Portable Drawing Easel Answered

I designed a portable easel out of two pieces of luan (1/8" to 1/4" plywood).  I originally intended to sell them, but decided I didn't really enjoy making them in production levels.  The time vs. cost factor didn't really pan out.

Either way, this is a design that might make an artist loved one happy.  It is fairly quick and easy and has a bit of style to it, I think.

I added some molding at the bottom to act as a sort of pencil or brush holder.  Just some metal rings to hold the two pieces of wood together and a SWEEEEET woodburning on the front with my name--feel free to put someone else's name on yours!

What you don't see in the photos is a leather strap with a small dowel at the end that fits into two notches--one for holding the two sides of the wood from splaying apart when it's in easel mode, and another for when you want to keep it closed for carrying it.





5 years ago

Pretty good DIY project :)

Pretty cool idea Jason and I have a sister in law that would love it. Quick question, what did you use for the rings and can you add a couple pics of the dowel holes and strap setup? I think I can kind of see them in the pic, but a closeup would be great. Thanks.

The keychain rings are what I thought of first, but that link looks like the better way to go since it would be easier to add paper to it. Look forward to the pics and great ideas. I actually started following your posts after checking out your travel trailer since I've been working on building one of those as well. Thanks again.



Oh, wait, I see one, but where is the "how to"?

It was more of a brief explanation of what I did--I didn't have a ton of photos to show. That's why I chose the one-step instructable format.