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Portable Soldering Station Case Ideas. Answered

Hello instructables users! I need your help with a project. I need to be able to use my soldering stations at a different place, (besides my workshop) frequently. My soldering stations are tools that I use everyday on projects and such. I need a case that allows me to easily travel with them and use them easily without having to unpack them everyday between the other places and my workshop. Thanks!

P.S. My soldering stations are the following:




I would make (or modify) a metal case and solder (or weld) in some metal tie straps that you can attach your soldering machine and accessories in place, so that they are in position for use, but can be removed as needed. You'd just have to put a little forethought and planning into the best location for each piece. The metal case should also allow you to transport it without having to wait for everything to cool.

Thanks! You gave me a wonderful idea! Well, talk to you later!

Did you ever finish your wonderful idea? I have the same soldering station, maybe you should make an instructable about your case :P

There is a Ben Heck Show where he makes a portable work station. Here is a video of it. I can't access the Revision 3 web site here at work to post the actual video of the build.