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Portable software for veroboard design? Answered

On the hunt for software that will allow me to do layout designs for veroboard circuits, however all I've found requires installation and doesn't have a portable version available. Does anyone know of any that has a portable distribution, bonus points if it contains breadboard and PCB sections too.

Forgot to mention, Windows user here.




5 years ago

Have you heard about Fritzing. The initial download is limited in its library of components but their are other libraries available. No install required and can be run off a flash drive or SD card. It offers breadboard, schematic and PCB layouts so you can start your circuit any way you like. There is also options to export the files so you can put your circuit into production. Plus its open source.


Reply 5 years ago

Brilliant! That was exactly what I was looking for, it even has a veroboard part in the breadboard section. I can already see this being a favourite piece of software from now on!