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Portal Theme Done on 8080 and C64 Answered

If you've played Portal then seeing this video brings everything full circle. The retro computers inspired the closing song "Still Alive" which has then inspired someone to recreate the song on retro computers. It's geektastic and was done on an Intel 8080 with a C64 sound chip.

If you haven't played Portal yet and you're even remotely into games, then beg, borrow, or steal a few hours on a machine to play it. It's lovely.

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So... Much... Win.... :')

In the game, the company that developed the portal gun is Aperture Labs, or something like that. I haven't even gotten to play Portal yet, and even I know that!

I'd like to get my hands on Portal. I've played Narbacular Drop a couple times, but not Portal yet. Brilliant concept and execution, though. I think some of the first players of Narbacular Drop inspired the tougher puzzles in Portal. Those players really pushed the physics engine to its' limits. I'm glad 8-bit music is getting a second wind. I've always liked the sound of it myself. By the way, I'm working through the last bosses on Psychonauts. The meat circus level where I'm avoiding the rising water has got me stumped. I went on the internet to cheat and it said "Yeah, that level is really hard." Gee, thanks internet! :)

Cool, I recently downloaded Narbacular Drop and by the end of the week had "won". The journey was intriguing but the End was a disappointment in my eyes *sigh*.

Yeah, but try the downloadable levels. There's a tutorial pack that teaches you advanced moves. It's obviously a student game (a bit buggy) but still quite a bit of fun!

I will have to see if I can find where I got it from and look into that, thanks.

Portal is amazing. To be such a short game, it is seriously one of the best I have ever played. I have never played Narbacular drop. I need to give it a shot. The closest thing I had ever played to portal before was Chips Challenge.

question, Portal is one that must be purchased / rented, correct ?

Yeah. Several of the student team that developed Narbacular Drop were hired by Valve to further develop their game for the the Source engine.

Really? I loved chips challenge! Took a while to beat, but was good. Played that on the C64 back in the day. Ever play impossible mission?

It sounds very familiar, but that doesn't mean that I have ever played it. Now I want to play Chips Challenge again...


Wow does that bring back the memories. I still have my Commodore 64 somewhere (or is it the 128? been a long time since I even seen the thing out of the box), but my 8088 bit the dust a decade ago *sigh*

Hey! There were some great games on that thing! (The C64). Still can't believe the Amiga didn't do better than it did. That was just a computer way ahead of its' time.

I still have a CoCo II some where too.....those were the days LOL

after playing it a second time, it is somewhat reminiscent of the kind of music that accompanies Anime type cartoons (late night, adult swim stuff)