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Is there a contest about the things that can be done with wood pallets? Ever since I saw an instructible showing how to take apart a pallet as well as the amount of wood used to make them, I have wondered if there has ever been a contest to show how useful they can be as potentially free lumber and hardware.

After all the uses for pallets that i've looked up on the internet, there are about less than 50 uses for recyclable pallets, keeping these materials from ending up in a bonfire or a landfill. The link below can explain quite a bit about this subject.


Maybe a way to lessen the number of pallets that end up being wasted in garbage can be achieved if there was a contest that encouraged the recycling of wood pallets. Anything that can be made from a pallet would be eligible to win whatever prize this contest would have. I personally think this would be a good idea to try. But do any of you think this would be a good contest idea?


Sent a PM to canida and she thinks its a great idea! Its going to spread to the other site managers and we'll see if it gets accepted. no idea when it will actually happen, if it does.

Here's something i found on Makezine.com


As long as you didn't have to heat it with an open flame (no turning it into a fast food joint for sure - except for termintes, carpenter ants, ect). It wouldn't serve well as a car wash either......the pallet wood could hold up and would hold up if not too far "gone" and if coated/treated properly. . . . :-)

Possibly not, since once you take a pallet apart, what you actually have is just called "wood".

Maybe, instead, a "re-purposed or recycled building materials" contest might be cool.

A contest about recycled building materials and what a person could do with them...... what kind of contest name would be given to something like that?

...That's perfect! Now how can a suggestion for a contest be made for istructibles.com? ask fungus amongus?

Or anybody else here, especially if you could come with some ideas of what the prizes could be and who could sponsor them.

Prize ideas, maybe. Getting a sponsor, I have no clue! Think this idea would have better chances of being put in motion with prize and sponsor ideas?

Oh, yes.

The prizes don't have to be directly linked - who would want to win a sack of cement and a batch of pallets by mail? - but the sponsors should be.

Maybe have a look at "green" websites (blogs and forums etc) and see who advertises there, or maybe a magazine sponsor (we once had a contest sponsored by Popular Science, for instance).

You don't have to line up actual prizes from actual sponsors (although that would be cool, and likely to force the contest to exist), but just present a cool idea of how it might happen.

(I warn you, though, that there is a fair list of contests already planned, so be prepared to wait.)

I recognize their logo! but like heck i can remember what its called.

Apparently Coca-Cola has some good eco-friendly doings! what would the chances be for them to be an instructibles sponsor?

I have no idea - you could ask, and the worst they would do would be ignore you.

Well, the worst they could do would be to buy the site and smother it in their corporate "identity"...

yeah, who would WANT to win a bag of cement and a bunch of pallets in a contest? that's just silly.

I once used pallets, as they were, except I spray coated them with linsead oil, for a compost container (slats perpendicular to the ground). Five of them provided a decent sized pentagonal shaped compost area with plenty of aeration, and one side could be attached so it could be opened easily (like a gate).

Of course, that was ove 34 years ago, in a land far far away, when I lived at home with a "REAL" backyard etc. . .

I suppose the real limit is not "how to use them", but "getting enough to be useful".

Pallets are a cash commodity in the UK.

Really?? Here they throw them away in spades in the dumpsters...

I regularly drive past signs; "pallets wanted for cash".

ah I see. Here, too often they are cheaply made and don't survive well, too much use, and the heavier ones are more bulky then most places like to deal with.

Whenever I drive down to the Wal-Mart in my town, i always see 6-8' tall pillars of pallets just taking up space in their back lot. Never thought i'd want to do something with them until now. Any places you guys see lot of pallets just lying around?

Almost any company that gets delivery from tractor trailers at loading docks....