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Possible bug Answered

I keep getting this popup that only happens on Instructables.com it doesn't matter which Instructable I am looking at when it occurs. I thought it might just be my PC but it has happened on other PCs outside of my own system and house. After it happens explorer goes blank and I have to hit the back button, and sometimes it happens again and sometimes I return to the page. This happens frequently. is this happening to anyone else? (I know I know use Firefox, but I get a Java error with that one.)


This happens to me all the time. I just go back and then foward.

I get that a lot on computers that run IE, i just refresh the page, I know that this doesn't happen in firefox, so i would suggest switching to firefox

Apologies for not writing back sooner. We're not sure what to say, since we haven't been able replicate this error in either IE6 or IE7. Is there anything special about your setup? Do you have any ActiveX plugins or other plugins running in your browser?

Yes I have a lot of Active X plugins running. I am wondering if it could be a Java error. I turned a few things off, but not Java, and it still does it. I am not sure where to start or what else to do. I guess I could disable the java active x and see what happens. I will have to try it tomorrow though and let you know. I think it occurs when I try to switch to different steps in various instructables. Or when I try to switch steps to quickly before the page has fully loaded. I have gotten this on other computers besides mine and it is always the same thing but no description on why it can't open the site.

Ah. This may be a problem I'm already working on, where Tooltips do Bad Things in IE when the page isn't fully loaded. Do this experiment for me: load a page, but keep your mouse in a margin. Make sure the page loads fine. Now, remembering where the steps are, refresh the page and mouse over them as the page is loading. Do you get the error? If so, then it's the same problem that we're working on, and we'll have a fix out in a week or so. Maybe sooner...

I believe it is closely related to your error. I tried what you suggested and I did get your error, then I tried it again while the page was loading and I clicked on a step and my error returned. The results were the same a a statement that page blank page my error will probably be resolved when you fix yours.

I was trying to say I recieved the same error for both problems, perhaps it is just the one problem you are talking about and not the fact that I clicked on the step.

I get the same thing a lot on IE7 on vista

I got this error on a computer in my school library that is running IE 6.