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Possible re-wire of current solar light? Answered

I purchased 7 ft solar lights to put on either side of my driveway so that I could easily locate my driveway when I get home at midnight. I live in the country where there are no streetlights and it's easy to pass and have to backtrack. The lights are really bright when they come first come on but only stay that way for about 2 hours. I'm hoping that I can learn how to rewire a bigger/larger battery into the system so that the lights will last longer.... still be bright at midnight. Is that an achievable goal when this class is completed, do you think?



Best Answer 8 months ago

I can't speak to the ease of modification of solar driveway lights-- it's possible they have a low max charge rate and therefore wouldn't generate more power than they already do, or other similar restrictions within the design of their product. This class doesn't teach the reverse engineering required to achieve your goal, but you'll definitely have more confidence and knowledge in trying! =D

Twit7503, I think this is probably achievable with a little bit of electronics knowledge. It depends on a few factors. I'd be happy to help you work on this problem. Send me a private message if you want. If we reach a good solution maybe we can post your results here as a successful result of the solar class!