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Possible to make firewire powered cooling fan vs. usb cooling fan? Answered

Is it? I think I read that firewire 800 can provide MUCH more power, and if I could utilize that to power more powerful fans (as I only have 12v computer fans available at the moment, which usb can't provide enough energy to power at 5v).


I'm pretty sure FireWire's voltage is variable (something like 6-36V), so you'd have to measure your computer's FireWire voltage before connecting a fan to it.


7 years ago

I am a little lost on your reasoning. The power for firewire comes from the power supply. The same is true for USB, the power for it comes from the PS. So, if you need more power go directly to the power supply instead of trying to reroute it through something else. There are USB powered devices including some little fans that do run it but those are like novelty items. The real power is in the PS. And if that is not enough then get a 120 volt fan that runs right out of your line. I have one of those and it really moves air.