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Possible to pay for one month? Answered

When I tried to sign up for one month, the amount listed is for one year. I would like to try a month first seeing as I'm only interested in one project.

Thank you in advance and merry Christmas!



6 years ago

I have the same problem... I just need a PDF from a single project. Would be nice if I could pay for one month one time. $2 would be a lot easier than $24. I'm not even sure if the PDF is what I need because there is no thumbnails of it.

The project I'm looking at specifically is:


What I need is the template for the decagon piece. I'm not sure how tall it's supposed to be - I just know the base is 8" wide. I assume each side, other than the base, is 2 7/16".

Thank you for the quick response, Kiteman. My apologies for not being for ferral in my question. I am interested in a Pdf-file, and it says I require pro, but a years subscription seems a bit too much for it..

Thank you once again for the quick response, the Pdf-file I am interested in can be found in the link below.

Merry Christmas

Thank you thank you, a thousand times thank you.
You've made my day! :)

'Tis the season, etc.

(Just don't expect one every year!)

You don't have to turn pro to read any of the projects - the only part of the site you can't access is the "pro forum", which almost nobody uses anyway.