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Possible to record grooveshark songs for ipod? Answered


If you guys use grooveshark music streaming, do you also know if it is possible to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod ?

I found some pretty good songs I like on grooveshark, but I saw round there that ipods are not supported ,so I was wondering if there would be any possibility to record and save grooveshark songs I like and then transfer the songs to my ipod.

 I'd love to hear nay ideas on this.Thanks!


I suppose could also help you on this problem of yours with how to record grooveshark songs for ipod.

I think one of the main things you have to take into account when you look for some sound recorder to help you capture grooveshark mp3 songs for ipod or whatever is the quality of the files you get after you record grooveshark songs, cause nobody wants to listen to music in crappy quality.

Anyways, check out Tunebite Grooveshark Recorder as well, this one also has sound card recording features and probably can record and save  grooveshark mp3 songs to pc without any problem and in great quality.

Take a closer look at this tunebite app and see if it can solve the problem for you and if you like the way it can record groovehsark for ipod and so on.

Well guys I think it' s time to wrap this whole problem with how to record and save grooveshark mp3 songs for ipod, thanks for all the help. I checked out the grooveshark rippers you guys mentioned that could work for me to record or capture, convert and save grooveshark mp3 songs for ipod. After all I think I am going to use that tunebite grooveshark ripper, I tried to record grooveshark music with it and it seems to me like the saved grooveshark mp3 music is in good quality. Plus I'm rather interested in the fact that this tunebite app has tons of other features and could record and save music and videos from a lot of other streaming video and audio portals, from what I could see.

Not familiar with this tunebite grooveshark ripper app, but I do have to agree that I of course want to have good quality audio files after I record and save grooveshark songs even if I just listen to the recorded music files on my ipod or cell phone or whatever.

I just opened that link u mentioned and seems rather interesting, if it can rip grooveshark music in good quality it might just be among my top choices.


6 years ago

This is the recorder I am using now,it provides users with an easy way to listen to the songs offline.You can download what you want in bulk directly from the internet. Hope it helpful!

If you have access to a Mac, I highly recommend the app I built (a little shameless promotion) specifically for downloading music from Grooveshark: http://cloakedcode.com/swingfish.html

(I know this is almost a year too late, but I'm adding my answer for completeness for all visitors who come across this question in the future.)

If you have Windows operating system on your computer, you can search for a streaming audio recorder to record and save Grooveshark songs onto your iPod. You might concern the audio quality when you start to do it.

Actually, you can take a look at Grooveshark audio ripper and use it to rip audio from Grooveshark as compatible formats for your iPod.

Still can't find help? Audacity should help you record well for your iPod.


I know of two great programs that will do this for you. One is called Replay Media Catcher and the other Replay Music. You will find them at applian.com

They will both tag the music for you and do a terrific job-I do work for the company.

Yes, surely u can record grooveshark songs. But some preparations you need is to draw support from music recorder. Surely you can gain what you want. just search and play your favorite songs, then make some recording settings, you will achieve recording your songs. After this, just convert your songs to the right formats for your iPod, just take it easy, all the above two steps can be finished in just one program.

I did an instructable on this- https://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Music-Download-From-Grooveshark/ of course my method doesn't record the file, it finds the server the song is hosted at and downloads from it. if you want more recording id do this if you're on a pc https://www.instructables.com/id/Get-Free-music-without-any-illegal-software-A.K.A/ and this for mac https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Legally-quotDownloadquot-Music-for-Free/

I suppose this could also help you to record or capture and save grooveshark songs for ipod:


Found this article on how to record grooveshark mp3 music on google, I think there are also a couple of apps for the job mentioned there.

I saw even some recorder toolbar that supposedly can also capture, record and save grooveshark songs though I doubt it that a toolbar is efficient enough to solve your problem and record grooveshark music in good quality .

But take a look at it and see if you find anything interesting.

Hmm, I'll check out that article you found on how to record grooveshark mp3 songs.

I suppose since that guy there mentions several grooveshark ripper apps that could work to rip and save grooveshark music to pc there should not be any problems when I'll try to record or capture grooveshark songs to see how these exactly work.

Thanks for the tip.

The solution to this problem is pretty simple , since that grooveshark music service only streams audio files online and you can't just download grooveshark mp3 music directly from their website for ipod than as the other guys suggested you can try a couple of sound card  recorder apps.

These are just so easy to be found on google, like this one for example that I found on just a simple google search:


Anyways, my point is that if you wanna actually be able to record, save grooveshark mp3 music the fastest way to solve the problem is to  install and  try some apps  on your pc.

Hmm, well ok at least it's good that it's actually possible to record and save grooveshark songs for my ipod. I'll take a look also at that article on how to record grooveshark mp3 songs. Since I saw there are mentioned several apps that could record grooveshark songs I suppose I can take a look at them and see if one of them does a good job and can actually record grooveshark mp3 songs without any problems. Meanwhile if you have any other suggestions on how to record grooveshark music I'll be happy to hear them.

I also might be able to give you an idea on your problem related to how to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod.

I found this on google:


The guy there has an article on how to record grooveshark songs and he mentions a couple of apps that could be used to record, save grooveshark mp3 songs.

You should also take a look at it, who knows maybe one of those apps will work for you to record gooveshark songs without any problems.

Well, I think that audacity app uses sound card recording since it can record everything that is being played on your pc.

So if you just do not find  your way around the app to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod or you don't like the way it records grooveshark mp3 songs, than you can probably also find some other similar sound recorder app that might do a better job when you try to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod.

I am pretty sure there must be a lot of other sound recorder apps round google that could also record and save grooveshark songs for ipod , all you have to do is search for them.

Pretty simple, if you ask me.

Huh? What's that post to do with my question on whether it is possible to record and save Grooveshark songs for ipod ? That one's about Netflix as far as I saw, or you were rather referring to the solution suggested there to record Grooveshark songs with that Audacity app? Anyways, ok I guess I'll have to take a look at that audacity app, since you guys say it will record anything than I guess it should also be able to record and save grooveshark songs for ipod. I do hope this one is not that hard to use.

I find that Audacity will record "anything". OK it's not a high-speed conversion but it does the job.


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