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Post a Sound on how you pronounce arduino! Answered

Post a .wav or .mp3 on how you pronounce the name arduino! If you people want , I will post me saying it too(in a sound file). I pronounce it like Ar-Dwinn-Oh, I Uploaded an .wav Look below IF you post be sure to include a sound of you saying it ;)


I pronounce it "friggin microcontroller"

XD Its not just a microcontroller...Its a microcontroller with USB support! WOO HAH! lol

just reallized that the one below is kinda necroposting... lol

Just so ya know, it's not TECHNICALLY USB, it's driver actually registers it as a usb serial port. thats why it shows up as COM1 or COM6 in my case.

I know lol, thanks for correcting me. I do actually wish I had an arduino, lots of circuits I would build with them, but alas, no good discrete components shops around here. The closest is the local radioshack/circuit city, and I think I got a package for 470uf ceramic caps off the guy for way too much one time, and that was all he had in there, no other values.

One of the reasons that I bought the ARD-X was because it came with a little box of common components so you can start basic prototyping straight away. It is biased towards simple inputs and outputs rather than controlling any complex circuitry, but it has enough bits and pieces (LEDs/resistors, piezo, servo, LDR, buttons, relay etc) that you can do a lot of simple tasks, and ideally if you want to do a specific task should only need to get specialised components (opto-isolators for working with mains, etc). I considered making a sunrise alarm by using the included servo to turn a light dimmer switch :)

That sounds like a pretty good deal, but for how much?? And the LDR would be handy but I'm almost curious to look at the Bus Pirate

it can do a lot of the stuff I want it to be able to do, and control it from the computer instead of having to reprogram a microcontroller each time I want to change a parameter in the code.

I made a mistake, its "A microcontroller with BUILT IN USB SUPPORT WOO HAH! lol"

Here are a few ways to say how i pronounce it, from shortest to longest R-DU-ENO AR-DU-ENO ARR-DUE-ENO ARRGH-DUEH-NOH ARRGH-WUEEH-NOHH Or Ar-Dui-No -- Arduino I am planning in uploading a sound soon ;)

R-du-ie-no. BTW: What is an arduino? I Googled, and that didn't seem to help.

its this or "friggin microcontroller" :D lol "P
Its a microcrontroller , With USB Support! WHOO AHH lol


I simply disregard speelin' and pronounce it: Ah-Dree-no

R-DO-IN-O Wow, everyone has different ways of saying it, And they all sound, Basically sound the same when you say it ;)


Ok, How do you pronounce Duemilanove, I can actually spell that right without looking at it!

Oh its you kiteman XD i thought it was someone else XD Dwell-Mill-a-nov-eh. Thats how i pronounce it ;)

I figured the Italian influence would be stronger in that one because of the origin (meaning "2009"), so I pronounce it Doo-eh-mill-a-noh-veh but have asked my friend who is studying Italian for a hint.

Wow, i never imagined pronouncing it like that!

PKM: how would you pronounce Duemilanove in italian? PKM's friend: doo-ay mil-a nov-ay So it might be a hard 'O' in the "nov" part, but I think I was about right. The sound file doesn't work right for me, how do they pronounce it?

Oh wait, transatlantic non-rhoticity. Yeah, what he said.

Transatlantic non-rhoticity is going on my list of band names

What about transatlantic rhapsody?


9 years ago

"Ard", as in "an arduous task" "We" as in "We disagree on how to pronounce arduino" "No" as in "No, I won't post a sound file of myself talking" AFAIK that's how Bre Pettis pronounces it, that's enough for me. :)

AFAIK? What does that mean?