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Post button not working Answered

The "post comment" button on some 'ibles and the "reply" button sometimes are unresponsive and when they do work are sluggish. What is wrong?


The Post button does not work when using Opera 12.12 build 1707 (32-bit) on Windows 7 64-bit. I tried disabling javascript, which is usually the problem with cross-browser issues these days, but that did not help. The post button still didn't react.

Switched to Chrome, and the post button now works.

The bug-fixers will want to know:

Which pages are you looking at?
What browser are you using (including version)?
What add-ons are you using?
What operating system are you using?

Oops, turns out it was an add-on in firefox that blocks web beacons, etc. Don't know why it caused a problem, but when I disabled it, it worked, Here's the info anyway:
--Windows 7 Home Premium
--Firefox 17.0.1
--Ghostery is the problem, but I also have AdBlockPlus and some non -non-page editing tools...(weather)
all pages failed to work...

Anything that blocks, or prevents, any page on this site from loading completely will cause problems. The page needs to load entirely (not just the portion you see) before all the buttons and features work correctly.

If you have any add-ons to your browser that disable or prevent scripts from loading you may face an issue.

Script-blocking add-ons are the most common cause of this kind of problem, but an actual code-monkey would have to explain just *why*.

What are Script-Blockers?
(adblockplus, ghostery, etc?

That's it - add-ons that stop part of a web page working or displaying.