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Post little Electronics you have removed/desoldered,ripped off of something(caps,chips,regulators,ext) Answered

I found a Ton of Stuff from a PSU,from diodes to Capacitors to Leds. Post what you have found(in a picture:) ) And maybe your Desktop too.


These are a few hundred Surface mount resistors and some capacitors and whatnot, all harvested by hand, very slowly, with the filament of an old lightbulb attached to a wooden handle, and thatforth to two car batteries via jumper cables, works fairly well if you ask me.


Wow, Could you show me a diagram on how you made the thingy that desoldered it all?

I was joking you fool. I actually did it an even harder way than that, I used a big heavy 230 watt dual temp soldering gun, really hard to handle and be delicate with, but it peeled them right off.

Ah well, you failed at using tags, how was i to know? Besides, that seemed that it would work, Gee thanks for getting me exited...

Actually I have tried that before, using the proper gauge of wire is important. Just look at the old arc lamps they used to use in the early 1900's. If you want bad enough, I will conjure up something for you.

If you want bad enough, I will conjure up something for you.
Yes i do, Did you read the other comment?

Yes i want it bad enough, I have no way of desoldering or soldering anything to anything, No soldering iorn, and you bet that i can't get one either.

Wow. And what are you going to do with them? Sell them as high-tech pills! L

most likely. OR maybe, I could make a necklace out of all the smd caps for my girlfriend, since they're easy to work with, and solder a whole string together. That's actually a neat idea.

My pile of desoldered components would crash everyone's computer if I uploaded pictures.

Ah good, I'm on my PSP(aka its not a computer :P), Post a picture!

This is pathetic...

Some replies, you gave the impression of being frustrated by no responses. L

i posted that comment 1 month before any comment was posted...so yeah.

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*jaw drops* wow, it must have taken you some time to desolder that ;)

It did take a while, but pretty much all of that was out of one stereo. L

Makes sense because of the caps and speaker connector thingy wire thingy ;)

I have desoldered tons of capacitors,resistors,LEDs,diodes,transistors,and tactile switches of of many circuit boards.

Hello,eh,is anyone alive here?

Sorry for low-quality pics,my camera is a small IMB Pc camera