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Post what you get! Answered

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year everyone!

Post any and all of the presents that you get for the holidays, and please, tell us how well they work! (Or, how you plan to hack them! =D)

Happy Holidays!

(My pictures will be up in a little while)



10 years ago

I got everything i wanted, nothing more nothing less. A Ibanez guitar. A line 6 spider 3 amp. Clothes. New Guitar stand. Some stuff for guitar (new strings, string winder, capo, news strap) An FX pedal. A hair brush :D Chocolate Money. Tickets to an Avenged sevenfold concert.

A7X TICKETS!!?!!! NOOOOOOOO..... So how was it?

Awesome. Wait... I practicly just heard of them (And they became my new fav band), and was at after or before there new Self titled album?

Those Line 6 amps ROCK!

I'm not a huge fan of them, but for what they do, they do pretty well. I'm still debating if I really want that Orange Tiny Terror or not for Christmas... $500-600 is quite a bit of my Christmas money...

quite a bit of your christmas money *faints* I remember the year I got a bike, it was a $50 Huffy 3 speed, and I had to share it with my brother LOL

Great sound for an inexpensive solid-state amp--but to each his own, of course... I do hear a lot of players who also own tube amps say: "I just play the Line 6 now."

Of course each person has to play what they like instead of listening to others. That being said though, its definitely good considering how much you pay for it.

I know!!

I got a $50 gift card to AC Moore, 6 119 mL tubes of acrylic, several brushes, pad of watercolor paper, weller soldering gun(the thing is giant!!!), $100 cash, new phone(with camera!!!!!!!) 1 gig flash drive,several canvases, 10 pounds of clay, krazy glue with brush applicator(anybody else see the horrible fault with this product...) and 12 watercolor pencils! and soon, once the after Christmas sales occur i am buying a DSLR camera!!!! (any tips on which one i should buy????)

no more then $600 i was thinking about a canon but there were a lot of good deals on olympus...

I've been eyeballing the Canon digital rebel- they're down to ~$450 these days, which would leave more cash to use on other things.

Well, I managed to break my Konica/Minolta A2 over the holidays (westfw's law: don't buy a camera that so expensive that you're afraid to use it), so that provided the excuse to buy the canon DSLR I've been thinking about. Got a Rebel XTi with default lens from amazon; I'm thinking that self-cleaning sensor might be important. In theory i can put my old olympus OM/1 lenses on this (in full manual mode, of course.) I'll let y'all know how that works out. The camera arrived today. I can tell I'm going to miss some of the A2 features. But now at least I can try to fix the A2 without being camera-less... (The XTi also uses the same batteries as my canon video camera. A nice coincidence!)

yea, ive been looking at those. where would be the best place to get one?

Bhphotovideo.com and Cameta.com are both highly reputable, well priced stores. I've also heard good things about beach camera. I bought my D50 from Cameta.

LOL, i guess its a one time use applicator. :D

I'd say Canon, but I know Weiss has other thoughts.

60 dollars to radioshack, electric guitar, 2 wii games, if you have mario strikers or elebits lets exchange codes. also some books, a ps2 game, officespace dvd

Which electric guitar did you get?

Uhm, I am just a starter so I only got a pretty cheap one. It's called the IAXE

I haven't even gotten a peck on the cheek from the wife yet this morning *sigh* :-(

Well, my sister in law gave me a cold beer *sigh* :-)

It was better than a cold shoulder LOL

why are you getin the cold shoulder if you dont mind me askin?

My wife's sister, my sister-in-law, is a bit of a strange bird. I never know exactly what kind of "reception" I will get from her. She is my wife's younger sister, and the "baby" of the family, in more ways then one, despite having raised 3 children...*rambling fades into the distance* LOL

My big gift is that i'm going skiing with a friend's family...but today I got this baby...better than the black and decker I was asking for. And buck (the dog) got...


Such a pretty dog! :D We didn't take any pictures of the kitties with their presents, but their Grandma got them kitty treats and three new toys! yay!

He says thanks =]

Buck got a rubber chicken for hanukkah, and stole a bunch of wrapping paper this morning.

Our Maltese was going crazy tearing up wrapping paper this morning. Our other dog got a bone and he was content for a while just eating it.

It was so funny, I had some paper at my feet, he walked up real slowly...sniffed it, snatched it, and ran! Then when my brother threw a balled up piece of paper, he left his little pile, ran to get it, and came back to start tearing up his new supply.

I once had a hamster that liked them too, but I was always too big to crawl through them


No thank you. We wouldn't have room for it at my present girth :-)

But what if we replaced your house with a series of tubes? We could have a bowl in one corner of food, and a bottle sticking in with water. Then, there could be a wheel for you to exercise on, and a tower for you to sleep in. Maybe we'll insulate it with some nice shredded newspaper, or maybe some wood chips?

Something like this:


Hey, as long as I have my tools, a source for parts, and some electricity (oh and my books !), I would be happy :-) Just don't expect me to move my nest every few days by stuffing it in my mouth cheeks LOL

That could be arranged, I'll just have to grab an extra main piece while I'm at the pet store, an extension cord, too.

Ooo good, let's see, it must power a cirucular saw, a hand-drill, my work bench with the soldering irons on them, oh I can't forget my 60 A electric welder :-) I have enough books to start a small, science and philosophy library too so the library will have to be rather substantial.

Could you get a UPS for the computer too ? The power strip, if well grounded should be ok, for everything else though (and if you could wire the computer system on a separate ground, that would be super) LOL