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Post your Computer Setup Answered

I'm surprised nobody's done this yet. Post your desktop/computer/workstation setup. Pics of mine below:


Well, here is mine - i kno this thread is old, but i only just found it - powermac G5 - Macbook - Samsung pebble 20" screen - thin client linux machine My desk actually consists of 3 desks, two along one wall with a kitchen workside on them, and a third down one side. You can also play spot the ible, as there is 3 of them on there!


I understand the troubles of cable placement I’ve been through it

Thats an epic mess,but i can find the mac and the monitors in there from a few seconds of looking

Its very different now. Heres a picture.


lol, one of your monitor is sitting on its side... :-)

No, but thanks for the link Gmijhowe!

Still an epic mess...especially on the floor. what happened there? it looks like an indoor hurricane wiped through that room and left a mess

gmjhowe - the indoor hurricane

Hey is that a Robo Shark logo?

It's still an epic mess. :D You totally would have won the lifehacker contest.

Yeah i saw that, but too late... I intend to send it in once ive updated my wallpaper though.

M series Tower. Lenovo Windows 10 Pro intel core i5-2400 CPU 3.10GHZ, 64 bit operating system
Graphic card GeForce GTX 1050 Keyboard coolmaster devastator 2 with mouse included,LG monitor Dell speakers Winbook webcam Dell Printer.


I have a MacBook Air 2014 and a Asus used to have a dell

That is a really nice setup there. You even have a multimeter and oscilloscope handy!

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. someone with a nicer tower than me!!!! must modd...must modd. no cant modd. i need my pc ..... must modd.... hmm, i suppose reworking the bezel coudnt hurt ..... and adding leds to that side pannel ...... more leds ..... new colored ones ....... plexiglass etching ...... custom lcd oscar: ... hmm. meteor lights ...... uv too ..... animated tri-color etchings ..... moded lcd screen .... laser diode speakers ........

oscar: digital temperature gauge .... hdd utilisation meter.... more powerful psu .... hetpipe cooler, away with your aluminum junk ... no wait... water cooling ...no, too pricey .... more fans, duh ..... this souds like the vasco de gama oscar: you mean the boat that was too heavy, so it sank? yes oscar: lol. now where was i? ill think up more later.

If I were you I would not put LEDs in your case, mine has like... maybe 20 blue leds and it keeps me up at night if you are converting a movie or something like that. To Firebert: Thanks, stuff on my desk: Ipod touch TI-82, bought for $1.00, I put electronic formulas on it, very useful AVR programmer my cellphone intel play boarduino (on the right) 3ft tape measure Make Bomb defuser On big picture, my oscilloscope, and hanging from the handle is my lcr meter

maybe 20 blue leds and it keeps me up at night

Have you heard? There is this wonderful invention called a switch. It would allow you to either turn off the LEDs or reroute the power around them, or a number of other things :-) (sorry if that sounded mean...it wasn't meant to be....just teasing you know )

Have you heard? There is this wonderful invention called a switch.

(can't resist)
LOL! That is really funny :-)

well, I got mine from cyberpowerpc and there isn't a switch for the LEDs ;( I thought about adding a switch, but last time I messed with my computer interior I almost fried my prossecor (it got so hot that I burnt my finger.

Can't you just unplug them from the motherboard then?

you can still add a switch for just the leds, its just a lot harder. ill see if i can find the link to the guide on how to do it.

i have developped the switch, so i can turn off the leds. wait, blue!!!??? ahhhhhhhh. all i have is red. *adds uv leds and blue ones to shopping list* on the opposit side, i can add something..... maybe a fan...... with leds.......no, not good enough.... how about a fan with plexiglass painted highlights.... yeah, that sounds better ...... rework the bezel, duh... hmm, the lower bezel has some stupid HDD ventilation slits .... what can i do with the front .... i can add plexiglass accents to the front around the bezel ...but what about the lower front. .. maybe add the gauges there? the bottom line is, i will have a nicer pc than you, its just a matter of time

Is "oscar" referencing Have Spacesuit Will Travel ?

yes. wow, i thought i was the only one to read that great book.

that was an awesome book. Now if only I could find an old space suit...

Wow, that's a nice setup. You've got some interesting things all over your desk.

Sorry I just couldn't resist putting up pictures of the innards of my computer...


I'm trying out a dual monitor set up right now It's pretty sweet Next step... FOUR MONITORS!

monitors 001.jpg

Well whoever told you that is a moron(don't take it bad if it is someone you should respect or something) multiple monitors did not slow down my 400MHz laptop one little bit

If you have a cheap computer it might, but I haven't noticed a change at all. It should just put some more strain on your graphics card, but not a lot. When going above two monitors you need extra graphics cards, but mostly for the extra ports instead of extra power.

Nah, I think I just got a good shot of the lighting. That would be pretty sweet though, I kind of want to look into uv leds for my case now

A very nice setup :) What is that keyboard you have there?

Thanks. It's just a cheap Dynex (never even heard of them before I bought it... haha) keyboard I bought for my system when I bought all of it and was out of money. Although it is rather nice for about $10. It has a lot of hot keys for functions like music playing, opening up a My Computer screen, internet browsing, volume, etc.

lol, i've got a really nice hp amd 64 dual core, with 4 gigabytes of ram hooked up to a sony 1995 monitor, its great cause next to it is a 520 watt stereo, it's a sea of beige surrounded by coolness

I can't picture mine as my wife has it surrounded by "stuff"...but it is a Gateway GT4016 with AMD Athlon processor 3700+ CD/DVD r/w; 200 gig HD, 1 gig dual channel memory, 100 Mbps E-LAN card, and a built in fax modem. It is adequate

Ok, ok, I will get a pic or two......dispite my wife's "insulation" surrounding it....

My puter 001.jpgMy puter 002.jpg

Looks like you have way to much stuff connected to your usb,i'm surprised that there is no power surge problem Looks like quite a mess around there,heh,you should see mine,its an epic mess left right up and back and down