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Post your Workspace Answered

The question is simple: Where do you do your DIYing or MAKEing? Pictures of my area below.


LOL Only KNEX workstation

House 012.jpgHouse 010.jpg

why is yours so clean?????!!!!!!! this is mine now: im moving later this month into a bigger space.

instructable desk 004.jpg

I just recently cleaned it. That's why there's no chair there. I was working on like three different projects at the same time. Everything got way too cluttered so I put it all away and am now working on just one.

Well I guess this is one of the places:

I win for messiest. Can't wait for the break between semesters to clean it. Back left, drill press/lathe Back right junk&generator; and tablesaw cum work surface Center right storage and surface planer right foreground working tablesaw & unfinished sailing dinghy Left paint table Up unfinished kayak and finished canoe.

shop 002.JPG

Thank You, yes, they're hand made, the canoe is cedar and the kayak is stitch and glue ply. There's a better pic of the canoe.


wow that is really really nice !! you should sell them! there beautiful !!

hey GorillazMiko in the 1st and 2nd pic there is a sheet of paper with drawings on it, looks like your trying to complete the entire sheet with the drawing, how far have you got?? finished? it looks cool you should scan it and use it as a wallpaper

yea he collects coins and "paper money"

Mine was really messy and stuff, but then I got in trouble in school (A LOT), so I got a lot of my stuff taken away by my parents. :-(

Oh that really stinks. I used to get in trouble a lot in school (like really a WHOLE lot of trouble) for all sorts of things. What did you do? ;)

5th referral. I got sent to guidance like 10 times. So that's like 5 Saturday Works. :-(

Haha, where I went to school you could do something that would get you a referral at any other school but instead get suspended for 2-5 days. Over all the time I've been in school I've probably been suspended for about 2 1/2 weeks total :D What were you referred for?

4th referral was for leaning in my chair and talking and stuff.
That's one 4 hour Saturday Work.

5th referral was because I brought an alarm to school and turned it off and on in class.
That's another 4 hour Saturday Work. Different days.

So I've had 5 referrals, out of 10 times getting sent to guidance.
And now if I add those two Saturday Works, that's like my 5th one.

I've been suspended too.

I'm actually a bad kid, but on Instructables, I'm good.

Nobody knows how I am.... except for the people at my school.


Haha, speaking of trouble...

I'v gotten in trouble at my school for the weirdest things.

In 1st grade one of my friends told me to hold up the *quote* third finger on my hand *unquote* and *quote* wave it around the room *unquote*. He said it would be funny. Not for me.

Since then I've gotten like, 17 conduct slips. What is a conduct slip you ask?

*Slipping in to The Office quotation mode*

Well, if you get 4 conduct slips you get a demerit.

What's that?

You don't want to know.

Just tell me.

Fine. If you get 2 demerits you get a detention.

Oh god! What's that?!?!?

You sit after school for 45 minutes and do homework.

  • Out of The Office Quote Mode*

Luckily, at my school they don't do a very good job of tallying conduct slips.


Speaking of trouble, I'm getting hungry. Bye!

You do sound like a bit of a terror. :P I got detention a few times and alternative school once for things like dyeing my hair crazy colors or refusing to take out my tongue ring. I was never rude or mean, I just had some self expression problems in a VERY strict public school.

Detention for dying your hair? Is there anything against that in your code of conduct? Same with tongue ring. I would've fought it, or petitioned to change the code.

I wonder if I can find the high school's website and see if they have the code of conduct posted. They were very specific about how they wanted students to look. One of the craziest public school dress codes ever, that's for sure. And to be fair, my hair was purple with pink streaks. Oh, here we go: Restrictions for all students:  Shorts must be loose fitting and appropriate length for school. An inseam of 4 inches or more will be considered appropriate. Cut-off shorts must be neatly and evenly trimmed.  Jeans or pants shall not have holes or cuts above acceptable shorts length.  Eccentric apparel or grooming which substantially deviate from the norm and which therefore represent a disruptive or disturbing force within the school setting are not permissible.  Visible body piercing is limited to the ears.  Proper undergarments are to be worn at all times but should not be visible.  Shoes or sandals are to be worn at all times.  Hats and caps are not to be worn in the building.  Non-prescription sunglasses should not be worn.  No article of clothing shall have vulgar, suggestive or indecent writing or pictures.  Clothing with references/advertisements for alcohol/drugs is not appropriate.  Hair should be neat and well groomed.  Wallet chains, bandannas, handkerchiefs, or any gang-related symbols may not be worn or displayed. Restrictions for female students:  Sleeveless tops/dresses may be worn provided that the strap of the garment is at least as wide as the longer side of a student ID card. Tank tops and spaghetti strap tops are not acceptable.  Dress and skirt lengths shall be worn no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.  Bare midriff blouses/tops are not to be worn. Tops should be worn so that no part of the stomach or back should show even if arms are raised.  No blouse, tops, pants, or shorts should be worn that are tight-fitting or stretched-tofit the skin. Restrictions for male students:  All males must be cleanly shaven with a mustache above the upper lip being the only allowed facial hair.  Tank tops, sleeveless and muscle shirts are inappropriate. Consequences: Any student who willingly and knowingly violates any provision of the dress code after having received reasonable notice, and in some cases being afforded an opportunity to conform to this code, shall be subject to disciplinary action. This dress code was developed with student input. Students are expected to cooperate and abide by the code at all times. It would be unfortunate for a few students ignoring the code to deprive the student body of privileges within the code. If there is ever a doubt on your part whether an item meets dress code standards, check with the administration before wearing it or do not wear it to school.

That sounds mild compared to our school. Well, I'm exaggerating a bit. They sound similar. Except at our school the girls get sent home without warning if their shorts are "below the point that your extended finger-tips reach with your arms at your sides". My friends and I wore mohawks to school to celebrate "Punk Rock" day (we made it up. Is there a real Punk Rock day?). We had to go to the bathrooms and wash out all of the gel that we used. It was really lame!

. Wow! My daughter would have never made it there. Her hair was every color under the Sun (sometime in combination). All sorts of piercings (the one she had in her eyebrow used to freak me out). Tattoos (didn't get those until her Sr year of HS). . Where I went to HS there was virtually no dress code. I sure do like miniskirts. :)

You do have a tongue ring ???!!! Yuck !! Congratulations, you've lost 10 points in my classification of the coolest persons.

You're in my to 100.

I will not give you more details, 'cause I would not like you become big-headed =o)

j'pense que j'suis le top. tu peux m'le dire, j'ne serai pas gener.

I took it out when I was 18. By that age I had realized how silly it was. :P

Ok ... I accept to pardon you ...
I give your 10 points back, plus 5 more because you became wiser at your 18 =o)

Haha, I know exactly the style you're referring to. In the school I go to there are several people like that (not that I'm profiling you or anything) That sort of style usually belongs to fairly creative people as well. I've also heard some...interesting...things about tounge rings.

For leaning in your chair? Damn..you've got some strict teachers. Private school, by any chance?

Our school sends you home if the top button on your shirt isn't fastened, or even if your tie isn't long enough to touch your waistband. Now that's strict.

You oughtta get as many people as you can to wear their top button unbuttoned. They can't send half the school home =]

In elementary school I told a kid he farted (it was april fools and I had a fart machine) and he started to cry. He told the principal, and I was sent down there, but I didn't get in any trouble. I was just told not to do it again. Since then, I have really not been in any trouble.

Nobody knows how I am.... except for the people at my school.

Yeah, I was far to imagine you were like that ! ;o)

what did you do firebert? and what does referral mean?

Well... Let's just say compared to me Gorillaz is an angel.

I've gotten in trouble for some more serious stuff *Cough*fights*Cough* , but some of my suspensions have been from stupid pointless things like not putting my hood down in elementary school, insulting some teacher (Pretty badly) I had never met after school one day, talking back to teachers...A LOT, and some other stuff like that.

I was a pretty bad kid until I turned around in the summer after my freshman year.

Two years later and I'm a little angel =D

Wow, I only ever saw the inside of the principle's office one time, and that was because I "reported a bus driver" for ignoring the fact that I was in the front seat of the bus (on the door side, in his plain view) being beaten over the head with a notebook by someone about to get off the bus.

Not that I was an angel or anything. I mean, I had conjured up a lot of schemes and stuff, none of which I was dumb enough to carry out LOL Some of them were pretty elaborate too. :-)

You know, I only ever once got detention at school.

For not getting 10/10 in a French vocabulary test when I was twelve.

thats not clear. does you mean that: 1) you only got one detention and it was because you didnt do well in french? or 2) you only got one in french class, but numerous others in various subjects? BTW: comment est votre francais aujourd'hui? i know theres a little thing under the c in francais, but i dont have a French keyboard