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Post your pets! Answered

Post your Pet's best Pictures!!! Formula: Name, Breed, details This is my doggie, his name is spicky. He's a mix, we don't know of what though.... He loves to pose for the camera!


kali the french bulldog and kiba :D


This is my Pug Alice, my little beauty !!!


Sorry I'm so late to the party!

Here are my sugar gliders Tera (with the ball, and looking at the camera on the snuggly pad), Plo (sitting beside her) and our newest addition Aayla who came to live with us in July when her cage mate died.

They all live together happily now, but don't sit still long enough to get a photo of all 3. LOL

(Any massive Star Wars geeks may notice that they are all named after Jedi LOL).

There are so many lovely animals. I love seeing other people's pets! :D

I LOVE King Charles spaniels too! We ot one when I was 2 1/2 and she lived till I was about 14 (OLD for a Kin Charles). She was a furry sister to me :D

SDC13113.JPGTera and Plo.jpgAayla.jpg

This is my puppy Kolbe. He's a Cavalier King Charles, and just turned one. First picture is when he was still a smaller puppy. Last three pictures were taken a few minutes ago. They're a bit blurry, but he was moving.


Me too! My boyfriend's family always has them. They're very sweet animals.

They just got two new puppies and oh my lord.

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 11.53.15 AM.png

the 3rd pic makes me think of those The Dog toys and merchandise.

awwww aren't they so cute! :D
i'm mad about animals, cats, dogs, just about anything :D

This is basil. He and hunni are bestest friends...


The only pictures I have on here right now are of my Leopard Gecko, so I'll post those up. But I also have a dog and a rabbit, which I might post sometime. Her name is Geico : P

Picture 009.jpgPicture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpg

omg leopard geeko!!!! i wanted to get one but turns out your not allowed to own them here in aussie!

My dog sandy. Gender: Girl Breed: Collie /Dingo mix


my profile pic is my dear Sir Regionald Lucas- American short hair from the RSPCA, two yaers old and a bit challenged....

my pets animals are not with me in these days. These days i am living in another city.

But i am very happy to see your pets....

This is my dog LOKI he is part black lab and husky and the lazy dog on the bed is kyia, she is a ridge back mix


9 years ago

Wait did i just see a lama?


9 years ago

cute pets! =3

This is Ricardo. He is an Arabian Hatchback, got him about 25 years ago from a breeder in Miami. He enjoys fetch, and he is a strict vegetarian and Hindu.


Sweet! can I have the breeders number :P

sweet I am so calling that number


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dude its a emergency temptation hot line lol :)

I wonder if it spells out something else. What else could DRAGONZ be? Hmmmm...

This is my cat, Ferris

petpics 001.jpgpetpics 004.jpgpetpics 006.jpg

10 years ago

these our my kitty cats


I'm still member please i just lost my web thing they won't let me on- these are my ladies Shada, and Naley


ha-ha about let me see 89 now i usually have more but i found lot's of homes for rats this month.

Oh... Wait did you say maybe more? WOW!!!

if you really are please, why didn't you just talk to someone in the staff to see what they could do about your account.

naw don't want to take the time. it just as easy to do it this way-easier to do it this way-.

what i'm say i'm just think it's easier to make an new acount

these are some more of my many animals


this is still please, but something happened to my page like thing so i made a new one i have 11 cats six girls, and five boys CUTE!!!
these are some kittens


these are my rats The first picture is my lazy rat Shylo (the one laying on her back) and the the second is my rat John Deere (i didn't name him) and the last picture is Shylo's and John Deere's litter.