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Postcard design - opinions needed Answered

Inspire-me, people!

I'm supposed to be designing a postcard to be sent to pupils who have done good work in science lessons, but I've hit a creative block.

I'd like to use an XKCD-style cartoon, but copyright is an issue, since this is an official school publication.

Update: WooHoo! The guys from XKCD gave permission to use the cartoon (thanks, XKCD)!


ahem, I shall add my two pence...

It is all well and good to draw from an existing body of work, but you did not add anything to the equation. You should take one of your ibles like the Paper Trebuchet or shill another one of your creations and scale the plans on one side of the postcard. On the opposite side, provide the "target" card. Add instructions to cut out the part to make it a 3D popup target. You can then congratulate the student by commenting "Smashing Good!" or "You're on target, you've hit the mark!" You should always try to think outside the box if you've come up with a creative block. mini-Paper trebuchet raid against the mini-paper shed anyone?

Not responsible for suggesting acts of violence or aggression, providing tools necessary to conspire or commit evil, nor seeing if any of this conforms to mandated postal regulations...


That is an excellent idea, but it can't be something to be cut up, as these are the sorts of thing that parents keep on the refrigerator, or even in folders and files for posterity.

Kiteman, I have to agree with caitlinsdad here, pretty much all around. And something like his bullseye popup is definitely a Kiteman-worthy idea! It actually gets around your concern about the card being cut up since the cutting is only partially around an element on the card. This sort of card is not only clever and creative, but the interactivity adds to the value of your acknowledgement, making it exponentially more appreciated on a fridge and likely to not just be kept in a folder for posterity but brought out and shown to family and friends...or even kept on display (I know if I'd gotten such a treasure from a teacher I'd probably STILL have it out for all to see).

Thanks for the comment waterbaby. I underestimated the British stoicism here and such high regard for academic memorabilia. But, a commemorative series would not be bad incentive. Keep on getting high marks for each marking period and get another one in the series thus making it more collectible. Each does provide its own science lesson and would be enhanced by translating into Latin. It would garner some serious "teacher cred", well that and doing the chicken dance on youtube.

OK, I'm thinking about it. I'd have to talk to the head about colour, I don't know what the budget is...

You arm those kids in detention with a magic marker to colour in the postcard, just like we use prisoners to crank out license plates.

"You get the cookie if you color it in like this."

"What flavour?"

I was all ready to brainstorm and everything, but noooo. It's great that you get to use the image, though! Can't really beat that. :D

All right! Randall Munroe FTW!

You talked to him?!

I read the post of a man who contacted the creator of xkcd! I'll never wash this monitor again!

Well, the one-line email had his name in the address...

Can you add another bubble on the right saying: I have to find out how that works (screw driver in one hand) :-)

Congratulations on the green light to use this. Thanks for the audible chuckle as well.

Make it L-R? L

I think it will be fine like that, just a couple of tweaks to fit the card and add the source.

XKCD-style = red wagon?

Fixed, thanks for spotting that (I was answering a question on another tab at the same time).


8 years ago

It is a work in progress.