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Posters offer good advice for creative minds Answered

Inspirational posters typically show some natural wonder or athlete along with some inane puffery underneath it. You know the type. "TEAMWORK: Together we kick the losers down!" and other nonsense.

So it's nice to see what art students do when they make posters to inspire the first-years. At University College Falmouth, each first-year gets a free poster designed by a graduate. Some are brilliant and some are just good for a brief giggle, but with dozens to look at something should grab you.

Non-students can buy posters for five pounds each.

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This is the poster I was instructed with when I was younger *sigh*

Apathy Demotivator.jpg

QUICK!! Change your avatar!! This one scares me...

Hmm, I was told my other ones did that too....am I THAT ugly :-) Someone asked me specifically for a picture that has a smile on it, and I finally got around to doing that this morning.

You aren't ugly. I just wouldn't go into any Chuck E. Cheese's if I were you. :) I just like the inquisitive one better.

Well, I get along quite well with my little nieces and nephews, thank you very much LOL. The only one's I seem to upset are adults *shrug*

Yeah, I like that one better too, and if the one that asked me to change doesn't comment on it soon, I might go back to it after a bit (if you wanted me to look scary I COULD have taken my teeth out, sucked in my lips and smiled LOL). The original GUMBY LOL

You should do the GUMBY thing!!!!! it's weird, but I actually had a heated debate about gumby yesterday...

Yeah, well I was referring to my Gums more then the green clay figure with his horse pal Pokey

FIVE QUID!?!?!, I could get eight carling or twenty fags for that! I like the first one though. Tryin to sell things, pssshh.

or four carling and ten fegs (belfast) or asda were doing 12 for a fiver recently....

I have some good ones from the art degree show in belfast about littering... they're funny but work well because they order you not to be a tosser (i'll post so that makes sense) and other ones... Also got a video/photo of a really great piece completely made from gang plug extensions...

Those are done up really nicely.

Some of those were really good! But it'll never make sense to me how I hate birds, but really like them in pictures.

I could care less about the disease part, it's the smelly and loud that gets me. :P

Damn, how did they train those birds to sit like that? Ah, I know: glue bird seed to the wires! :-D